October 17, 2018

The 12 biggest hypocrites marching for Charlie Hebdo in Paris

The attack against French satirical cartoon Charlie Hebdo in Paris “>massacred in Nigeria by the terrorist group Boko Haram on the very same day. And in terms of free press, authoritarian and oppressive regimes around the world have done far more to censor the world's journalists, overall, than religious extremists.

But that's not stopping some of the very perpetrators of this state censorship from joining the “>now a law in Jordan allowing the government to shut down any website it wants — and it's been put to use on hundreds of sites, including many news outlets.

This summer, Jordanian security “>reportedly “faced many difficulties to report because of interference by security forces” and a Palestinian-Jordanian reporter for the Jerusalem Post was “>World Press Freedom Index, below Libya and Chad.

(Quick anecdote: When I traveled to Jordan to cover the Syrian refugee crisis for the Jewish Journal, the country's press officials said I couldn't enter the Zaatari refugee camp because my newspaper was Jewish. After I essentially threw a tantrum in the lobby, they finally let me into Zaatari. However, Jordanian police followed me everywhere, called me “Mossad,” curbed my questioning and interrupted whenever a Syrian said something that might make them look bad.)

As for Queen Rania, well, she's never been one to miss a photo op.


11. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko

Five journalists and two media workers “>reports that since Ukraine's former president was ousted in May, Poroshenko has done little to improve the situation. 

Although the new administration was “elected after pledging allegiance to democratic ideals,” says the CPJ, they've offered no new protection for journalists and have imposed new “military escort” rules for battle zones.

Good timing: Today we all uphold the values ​​of freedom of speech, said Poroshenko in Paris. Same moment fascists bombed newspaper at home

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10. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Press freedoms inside Israel proper are generally alive and well, save a phone tap or two. But poke one toe outside the green line with Palestine (or, um, live there), and your rights instantly evaporate. Journalists covering protests in the West Bank are constantly injured or detained, and seven Palestinian reporters were killed in the recent war on Gaza while wearing press vests.

From this year's World Press Freedom Index

Is this stare down between Netanyahu and Abbas at the Paris march earlier real or is this pic photoshopped? “>January 11, 2015


9. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Abbas once “>literally freezing to death right now. And seeing as Israel and Hamas aren't doing anything about it, the de facto leader of the Palestinian people needs to step in.

Abbas' cameo at the Charlie Hebdo march sends a message to the world that Palestinian leadership opposes these Islamist terror tactics and wants to be seen as more moderate. But in the eyes of his people, Abbas is just hopping on one more plane. Thus reenforcing the now very public opinion that Abbas loves the UN podium more than historic Palestine.