Covering Hollywood … and circumcision?

In addition to commentating on The Sperminator, the new editress of the New York Times and “why women aren’t funny”,’s editor-in-chief Sharon Waxman has weighed in on the now defunct Santa Monica ballot measure advocating a ban on circumcision.

Waxman’s post, admitting that at first she thought the measure “a joke” came long after my colleague Jonah Lowenfeld broke the news that the Santa Monica ballot measure had been withdrawn. However, a similar measure is still being put forward in San Francisco, where the backers of the initiative have supplemented their efforts with the provocative comic book, “Foreskin Man” that has at least one prominent Los Angeles rabbi accusing them of anti-Semitism.

At first I thought Waxman’s writing about this was, well, a joke. Why is the editor of an entertainment news Website writing about foreskin?

Then I realized it makes perfect sense: Hollywood and issues of Jewish interest are bound to overlap.

No pun intended.