October 15, 2018

Rihanna didn’t actually say ‘All I see is Palestine’ at her Tel Aviv concert

Both sides of the Israel-Palestine debate are going nuts over an alleged shout-out that Rihanna made to Palestine — and not Israel — “>staged a sexy photo shoot outside the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi earlier this week. Meanwhile, all the Israelis who had been in attendance at the Tel Aviv concert started asking: Wait, why didn't I hear that? 

Here's how the rumor started.

The only news outlet that originally reported the lyric change “>was the first to speak up. “If every newspaper in the country sent ppl to the @rihanna concert & only Haaretz heard a pro-Palestinian comment, it probably didn't happen,” she Tweeted. Another warning sign could have been that “>Al Bawaba“>Huffington Post and “>Muslim Women in History Tumblr account asked: “Time to forgive her?”

Oops. Here's proof that Rihanna didn't shout-out Palestine, beginning at the six-minute mark, via YouTube user