Sunday, January 24, 2021



Stage dramedy tackles interfaith marriage taboo

If you take Israel out of the equation, there’s little in the Jewish world that gets people as riled up as the idea of intermarriage.

AUDIO: Iranian American Jews — Death and violence in the community (taboo?)

Local Iranian Jewish community leaders recent incidents of violence among and the taboo on discussing the topic.

Iranians Facing Up to Drug Abuse Taboo

Three years ago, Raymond P., a 28-year-old Iranian Jew, was a full-fledged member of a notorious Los Angeles street gang. He sold drugs and suggests that he may have participated in violent crimes. He doesn\'t want to talk about specifics but explains by saying he was desperate to pay for his drug habit.

The Circuit

Fun Way to Fund, Kirk Comes West, In The Beginning, Saluting Six, Student Art Aliyah, A Woman\'s World and Tackling The Taboo.

Cancer and Secrets

I have cancer. It\'s thyroid cancer, which has metastasized. In every bone in my body there is a tumor eating it from the inside out. That\'s why I was at the Cedars-Sinai Outpatient Cancer Center on June 25, 2003, having a bone infusion. I sat there on one of those comfortable chairs as the drug slowly slipped into my veins to make my bones stronger. And that\'s where I saw her -- an old friend and a former client who emigrated from Iran. We were so happy to see one another. She was there with a friend, who was there perhaps for a reason similar to mine.

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