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An Israeli Arab Votes For the First Time

My partner is from Jerusalem. He was born there. So were his parents. And his grandparents. He traces his roots in Jerusalem back to...

Newly Formed Arab Council Publicly Decries BDS and Seeks Reconciliation with Israel

On a cold Tuesday morning, in a relatively anonymous west London hotel, a little bit of history was made. It’s not unusual to see veiled...

Episode 165: Talking with an Israeli Feminist

Author Note: This text was written by the hosts and does not represent Ya'ara Cohen's opinions In Israel, every year, 20 women on average get...

Meet Israel’s First Out Transgender Nurse, Maya Orabi

Maya Orabi’s voice raises an octave as she describes the wedding gowns she will wear for her upcoming nuptials. “The first is a very modest...

Woman Arab Doctor Defies Odds Running an Emergency Room in Israel

Dr. Shaden Salameh grew up in the village of Tur’an, located near Nazareth in northern Israel. She is oldest of five children; her father...

The Deal of the Century’s Audacious Bets

Before Israeli elections! After Israeli elections but before the government is formed! Right after Ramadan! As soon as Shavuot ends! The latest twist in the...

Avoiding a Falafel Fiasco

I don’t know why it surprised me. I should have expected it when I wrote a story some months back headlined “Hummus Is the...

Defining Israel in Black and White

About seven years ago, as Israel’s newly arrived consul for media affairs in New York City, I had a memorable moment during a speaking...

This Israeli lawmaker almost had a fistfight with a Jordanian Parliament member

Badboy Israeli lawmaker Oren Hazan was ordered by the Prime Minister’s Office to call off a fistfight with a Jordanian lawmaker. Hazan had agreed to...

Israeli Arab transgender beauty queen opens up about her story

The Israeli Embassy marked LGBT Pride Month with a reception for Jewish and Israeli activists and leaders. About 100 people attended the event, which featured...

Miriam Waghalter: A hope for peace in the Middle East

AGE: 17 HIGH SCHOOL: YULA Girls High School GOING TO: Rutgers University In the summer of 2015, Miriam Waghalter and three girls from her Arabic language class...

Alfred Ozair on the Six-Day War: ‘We paid with blood’

You wouldn’t necessarily know it to look at him, seated behind the sliding window of his locksmith business in a strip mall in Tarzana,...

The Six-Day War, in real time for the first time

Israel’s State Archives has unsealed documents from the Six-Day War after 50 years. They include transcripts of full cabinet meetings and of the Security Cabinet meetings....

The problem with Jerusalem

In 1967, when Israeli paratroopers stormed the Old City of Jerusalem and commander Mordechai “Motta” Gur proclaimed, “Har HaBayit BeYadeinu (the Temple Mount is...

UCLA Professor: What’s wrong with Jews being a minority in Israel?

Finally, after about an hour of partisan arguments from both sides, I heard something that got my attention. I was attending an event sponsored by...

A Mideast bonfire of the hypocrites

The day after more than 80 of his Arab brethren perished in a horrific gas attack in Syria, King Abdullah II of Jordan stood...

A new vision for the secular left: How do we need to change ourselves in order to change reality in

I am a human rights professional, peace and anti-occupation activist and have been committed to these values for as long as I can remember.

Netanyahu opens school year with visit to Arab town

More than two million Israeli children headed to school for the 2016-2017 school year.

Young Arabs see Islamic State as biggest regional challenge

Young Arabs view Islamic State as the biggest challenge facing their region and some blame poor job opportunities for the rise of the militant group, according to a survey published on Tuesday.

From left to right, Israelis sour on ‘opportunist’ Donald Trump

He’s crude. He’s blunt. He’s inauthentic. He is not a man of peace.

What’s really important to take away from the new Pew study

The Pew report on Israel’s Religiously Divided Society should be a source of alarm to both Israelis and world Jewish leaders.

Israeli Arab List Chairman Ayman Odeh: We want to be part of the process

It is nearly pm in the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament; its cafeteria abuzz and Ayman Odeh, head of the Joint List – the block of four Arab parties – is preparing to enjoy a much needed bowl of hot soup.

Blitzer asks Sanders if being Jewish complicates relationship with Muslim world

CNN host Wolf Blitzer suggested on Wednesday that Bernie Sanders becoming the first elected Jewish president may complicate the U.S. relationship with Muslim and Arab leaders in the world.

Paris attacker shouting ‘God is great’ in Arabic shot and killed

One year after a wave of attacks by Islamists killed 17 in Paris, including four at a kosher supermarket, police in the French capital shot and killed a knife-wielding man shouting “God is great” in Arabic.

One father loves Israel, the other hates it. Guess which one is Arab?

I was struck by the contrasting reactions of the fathers of two accused terrorists, both Israelis.

Report: Israel asks PA for help in capturing Tel Aviv shooter

Israel reportedly has turned to the Palestinian Authority for help in capturing the Arab-Israeli gunman who allegedly shot up a bar in central Tel Aviv, killing two, and later killed a cab driver.

Israel says Arab who served in its army joined Islamic State

An Israeli army veteran from the country\'s Arab minority has joined Islamic State insurgents in Syria, an Israeli security official said on Sunday, confirming a local media report.

Egypt frees Israeli held for spying in prisoner swap

Egypt has freed an Israeli-Arab held in its jails for 15 years on espionage charges in exchange for the release of two Egyptians held in Israel, Egyptian and Israeli officials said on Thursday.

A plea for Syrian refugees: ‘never again’

Having spent a career helping women and civil society activists in the most challenging places on Earth, we thought we had seen the worst man could do.

This is not my America. Is it yours?

Two scary tweets fell into my feed yesterday. In the first, Linda Sarsour, a Brooklyn mom and activist shared, “When ur kids sends u a text w/ a link to a mayor invoking Japanese internment camps.

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Community Responds to Kamala Harris as Biden’s Vice Presidential Pick

"The Biden-Harris administration represents a new day for America and I am inspired to make that a reality."

Anti-Semitic Note Reportedly Left on N.Y. Assemblymember’s Vandalized Office

Democratic Assemblymember Rebecca Seawright said she "will never be intimidated by this criminal act."

Facebook Says It Is Updating Hate Speech Policies to Include ‘Stereotypes About Jewish People Controlling the World’

"We also continued to prioritize the removal of content that violates our policy against hate groups."