Thursday, September 24, 2020



Comedian Stephen Glickman Brings Laughter During Pandemic

At a time when comedy clubs are closed and there’s not a lot to laugh about, stand-up comic Stephen Kramer Glickman has released a...

IKAR’s Rock ’n’ Roll Cantor Has A New Album

When IKAR Cantor Hillel Tigay was first approached to join the progressive Los Angeles congregation 13 years ago, he wasn’t sure he wanted the...

Kinky Friedman On His New ‘Resurrection’ Album, Lessons Learned From Touring

As said by Rolling Stone last year about Kinky Friedman: “At 73, the Texas oddball has landed on a newfound sincerity. Friedman has arrived at a more...

Local Persian Singer Chloe Pourmorady Releases Debut Album

Musician Chloe Pourmorady wears a large hamsa necklace and carries a rose-gold brass water bottle. She thinks before she speaks and she’s hip but...

A new tzedakah box from an old album cover

Making a tzedakah box is a fun craft activity for kids from age 8 to 80, and creating the box provides a valuable lesson in the importance of charity.

Ellen Grossman reviews new Jay-Z album

After befriending rapper Jay-Z on the R train to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, Ellen Grossman is now reviewing his latest album, “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” for MTV News.

Madonna and the Elusive Isaac

Now, on her latest album \"Confessions on a Dance Floor,\" the track that is receiving the most attention and critical acclaim is one called \"Isaac.\" About a month before the CD\'s release on Nov. 15, rabbis in Israel claimed the song was about Rabbi Isaac Luria, the 16th-century kabbalist better known as the Arizal, and they blasted Madonna for using his holy name for profit.

Surprise: Raichel Is All About Love

\"Who lends his soul so you should be happy?/ Who lends his hand to build your house....?\" Idan Raichel does -- that\'s who. Israel\'s latest world music pop sensation returns to Los Angeles next week with a concert to highlight his second album \"From the Depths.\" The album and its eponymous song, excerpted above, allude to Psalm 31 in which one calls God from the depths. But here, Raichel calls out instead to his love.

Bob Dylan: In His Own Lyrics

Nods to religion in Bob Dylan\'s song lyrics.

Spectator – A Hand in Global Harmony

The Middle Eastern fusion music on \"Hamsa\" is so insidiously infectious and rhythmic that you will not only be humming along but tapping your feet, as well.

The King of Israeli Hip-Hop

With angry lyrics that court controversy, two multiplatinum albums and a third on the way, his own clothing line, record label, legions of fans and glittering religious jewelry, Subliminal could easily be mistaken for a Jewish P.Diddy.

Spend Chanukah Barenaked

While naming your holiday album \"Barenaked for the Holidays\" is a pretty catchy way to get some attention, for the quirky pop band that calls itself the Barenaked Ladies, it made sense -- about as much sense as getting naked on \"The Sharon Osbourne Show\" last year, anyway. Apparently, stripping down\'s just part of the offbeat Canadians\' sense of fun. So it follows that anyone expecting the Ladies\' holiday album to be anything less than silly would be, well, silly. The new CD offers up revamped Christmas, Chanukah and New Year\'s classics, as well as a few original tunes, including one called \"Hanukkah Blessings,\" written by Jewish band member Steven Page. The reinterpreted songs include a version of \"Jingle Bells\" that has \"the extra lines you remember from being a kid,\" Page recently told rollingstone.com. Ano

Did You Know…?

Just remember: The most important parts of planning an event is having fun and enjoying the benefits of all your hard work.

Long-Hair Music Gets Kid’sBuzz Cut in ‘Beethoven’s Wig’

Move over Baby Mozart and Baby Bach. If you really want your children to learn the classics -- and know the composer\'s name to boot -- check out \"Beethoven\'s Wig, Sing Along Symphonies.\"

Folk Singer Observes a Pensive ‘Holiday’

Some years ago, folk diva Chava Alberstein discovered the rundown immigrant neighborhood around the south Tel Aviv central bus station. For the Israeli superstar, the area became a refuge, a place to stroll or sip coffee unmolested by fans. The residents were foreign workers from countries such as China, Thailand, Nigeria and Romania.\n\nBut as their numbers swelled to replace Palestinians after the intifada, Alberstein -- considered Israel\'s Joan Baez -- saw conditions deteriorating.\n\n\"These people are brought to Israel, their passports are confiscated so they can\'t go anywhere and they\'re forced to live in the worst situations,\" she said. \"You see people crawling out of the most unbelievable hovels. It\'s bothered me for a long time.\"

A Song in His Heart

Singer-pianist-archivist Michael Feinstein\'s new album, his first with a symphony orchestra, is all standards and all Jewish.

Sweet And Loeb

Singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb is eating a tuna sandwich and a spinach salad, talking about \"Cake And Pie.\"

CDs to Light Up Eight Nights

They are round, shiny and popular. But CDs don\'t melt like chocolate coins -- and they have fewer calories. To give the gelt without the guilt, try the gift of music.

Elias and Company

You may know Jonathan Elias as the guy who composed the music to Chaplin and 9 1/2 Weeks. Or most of the songs on the Yes album, Union. Or the ditty to the original MTV promo, the one where the astronaut plants the MTV flag on the moon.

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Jewish MSNBC Commentator: ‘What Is the Difference Between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump?’

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Facebook, YouTube Shut Down SFSU Leila Khaled Event

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UN Ambassador Says Another Peace Agreement With Arab Nation Is Coming in ‘Next Day or Two’

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Rabbi Takes on L.A. County Over High Holy Days

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