March 28, 2020

Kalman Yeger Who Tweeted ‘Palestine Does Not Exist’ Will Lose Committee Seat

Councilman Kalman Yeger

Kalman Yeger, a New York City councilman who tweeted, “Palestine does not exist” will lose his seat on the City Council’s Immigration Committee.

According to the New York Times, the city council’s leadership team met for more than an hour April 1 and decided to remove Yeger from the immigration committee.

The tweet which was posted March 27, was a response to a tweet by local Brooklyn journalist, Zainab Iqbal, who works for Bklyner. Yeger, who also represents the Orthodox Brooklyn neighborhood of Borough Park, called Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar an anti-Semite.

Following the tweet, a protest broke out within the Orthodox and Pro-Palestinian communities outside of Yeger’s office March 28 in which Zainab was in attendance live Tweeting.

According to the JTA, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio condemned the statement and said Yeger should step down from the Immigration Committee if he does not apologize.

The New York Times also reported that Council Speaker Corey Johnson was unhappy with the statements made.

“I found Council Member Yeger’s comments completely unacceptable,” Johnson said in a statement. “As I said before, they were dehumanizing to Palestinians and divisive, and have no place in New York City.”

Johnson added, “I do not believe that someone who engages in the type of rhetoric we heard from Council Member Yeger belongs on the immigration committee, which is supposed to welcome and support immigrants in our city.”

Yeger defined his statements in a recent interview with the New York Post saying, “There is no state by that name; there is no place by that name…That’s a fact. I did not make it up.”