January 19, 2019


"Though making the choice to move can be difficult emotionally, it is extremely good for economic growth. Productive people make productive economies. Unfortunately for the US economy, people don’t move they like they used to."

"Shopping in a physical store is soul-sucking... Nike’s new flagship store in New York City aims to change all that by making shopping in a physical store as convenient as shopping online."

"Warren wants an economy in which companies again invest in their workers and communities. Yet she doesn’t believe it can happen organically..."

"There is a reason Trump, in both interviews and on social media, is stepping up his rhetoric on his protectionism. It is because it is simply not working..."

"We are now 11 years after the start of the crisis in 2007, and income per worker has risen only 7.5 percent, he notes. By contrast, income per worker had risen 10.5 percent 11 years after the 1929 stock-market crash."

"For the first time in Gallup's measurement over the past decade, Democrats have a more positive image of socialism than they do of capitalism. "

"Armed with banners, placards, and rage, the women formed picket lines that proved nearly impenetrable. The few men who did break the lines... were seized when they exited the shops."

"...possibly the only thing worse than a world in which homeownership doesn’t work as a wealth-building tool is a world in which it does work as a wealth-building tool."

"Progressives claim that the pay difference between men and women is caused by sexism that government must redress. But a new study offers compelling evidence that the choices and priorities of women account for much of the disparity."

"With lots of money, one can buy special protective technology, hire expensive private guard labor, move to a different place, or simply rebuild one's property if it gets destroyed. But that doesn't mean you will be invulnerable."

"Wealthy nations have strong currencies. A strong dollar allows Americans to buy goods, services and resources from other countries at low prices."

"Having assessed over 2,000 CEOs and over 18,000 C-suite leaders since 1995, we are struck by how often careers of talented executives stall or even derail because of seemingly trivial issues, many of which are utterly fixable."

"Nearly a year after the tax cut, economic growth has accelerated. Wage growth has not. Companies are buying back stock and business investment is a mixed bag."

"Generally, people work for employers, whether private organizations or government agencies, because employees add enough value to sustain their wages and still benefit the employer. Under a job guarantee, creating value is an afterthought."

"Indiscriminate use of ‘intellectual property’ has unsurprisingly bred absurdity. Anything associated with a ‘creator’ – be it artistic or scientific – is often grouped under ‘intellectual property’, which doesn’t make much sense."

"Each year, local governments spend nearly $100 billion to move headquarters and factories between states. It’s a wasteful exercise that requires a national solution."

"Divided government means Trump will be in confrontational reelection mode while House Democrats and Senate Republicans fight and the deficit soars."

"Documentary filmmaker Nathaniel Kahn would like you to believe that there are two kinds of artists in the world: those who sell and those who do not. And those who do sell, like Jeff Koons, can sell for upwards of $58 million... "

"The Federal Reserve’s relentless pursuit of 2% inflation creates more problems than it solves. The 2% target has become gospel for central bankers."

"Wall Street thinks the Democratic win in the House is a check on the White House's aggressive trade policy, which could potentially boost names like Caterpillar and Boeing."

Does bribery work? What can you get for a twenty-dollar bill slipped into someone's palm? At VICE, Michael Bunchinger attempts to find out by bribing as many people as possible in five days.

"This year in particular, the economy has performed exceptionally well. Among major economies, only the United States has accelerated significantly in 2018, while Europe, Japan and many emerging economies have slowed markedly. "

"So, is this selloff just a correction, offering a chance to buy cheap? That is certainly the easy, happy reaction. However, that view misses the key question: why would such an out-sized, temporary drop happen?"

"It’s increasingly difficult to ignore the profound incompatibility between serious climate action and an economic system predicated upon the pursuit of profit in a ceaseless war of all against all."

"Simply put, describing the call for climate action in economically or politically revolutionary terms is always going to be counterproductive, because the vast majority of ordinary people in most countries don’t want a revolution."

American retail is in a crisis and giant chains are falling like dominos. And while Best Buy may seem like a relic from the 90's, it may be the key to understanding how a company can survive the retail apocalypse.

"The e-commerce company has so much information about us that it’s become expert at shilling us things we didn’t even know we needed. No wonder its advertising business is booming."

"Despite the bold public statements, a number of firms reportedly sent junior-level staffers to the conference anyway — and no one has said outright that they would no longer be working with the Saudi Arabian government."

"With America's political order settling into a seemingly permanent state of crisis-on-autopilot, it is just a matter of time before the paper economy follows suit."

"For nearly 40 years, the GOP has relied on cutting taxes as an easy way to win votes, even when their plans—like the most recent package—benefit only the rich. "

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JJ Editor's Picks

"Not even what one might think of as the most basic tenet of any religion, a belief in the existence of God, is a prerequisite: Agnosticism is a key principle of at least one major school of Hindu philosophy."

"The presidency of any particular incumbent is relatively short... but the precedential consequences of impeaching a president without complying with the specific provisions of the Constitution “as it was written” are enduring."

"After news that a judge allegedly provided sexual favors to Bar Association president Efi Nave in exchange for her appointment, several politicians said in their responses that the Judicial Selection Committee needed to be the “Holy of Holies.”"

"Two new documentaries take on Billy McFarland and his disastrous music festival... the secret villain of this story all along: the subtle menace of social media marketing."

"Eating out, ordering in. Throw in a bagel here, a coffee there, and it all adds up. "It's definitely a challenge for people my age to save on food.""

"Popular music is shrinking. From 2013 to 2018, the average song on the Billboard Hot 100 fell from 3 minutes and 50 seconds to about 3 minutes and 30 seconds. "

"Here in the good old U.S. of A, the third annual Women's March planned for Jan. 19 is in serious trouble, thanks to irreconcilable political disagreements."

"Nature, however, with its endless cycles of death and rebirth, fascinated her. Walking in the woods, she developed a method that has become the hallmark of her poetry, taking notice simply of whatever happens to present itself."

"Modern parents haven’t stopped playing favorites; they’ve just stopped doing it openly. Though few parents today will admit they have a favorite child, studies indicate that about two-thirds of parents do."

"The first science-based diet that tackles both the poor food eaten by billions of people and averts global environmental catastrophe has been devised."

"Sphen and Magic looked like they would make great, diligent, careful egg-warming parents. They made the biggest nest, and they sat on it constantly."

"How YMHAs, followed by synagogue-centers, and finally JCCs have tried—in different ways—to balance Judaism and Jewishness, by bringing Jews together in intellectual, spiritual, and physical pursuits"