November 21, 2018

Clinton or Trump, Jews should celebrate!

After 2500 years, we Persian Jews were chased out of Iran.  My family came to America.  My uncle made Aliyah.  A school friend moved to France.  With increasing anti-Semitism, recently, half of his family moved to America and the other half made Aliyah.

We Jews were divided on the Iran Deal.  Many of us saw it as handing money to the government of Iran that is the largest supporter of terror in the world.  Others, under the guidance of Obama, Kerry, and Clinton, said it’s time to turn the page.  It’s been a year since the deal and we can look back and analyze its consequences.

American Jews are for the mostly Democrat.  They, we, believe in helping the poor, feeding the hungry, in social justice- even at our own cost

Persian Jews mostly remain cautious.  Carter who capsized Iran, banished the Shah, ushered in Khomeini and the beginning of Islamist reign in the Middle East looms near to our memories.   The tougher foreign policy of the Republicans sound more viscerally true.

But while we Jews struggle with identifying the right candidate for the next generation of Americans and Jews, we should not lose sight of the fact that we are so important and integral to this political process.

Shortly after the Holocaust, we have a strong homeland in Israel that can stand on her own, that contributes to world economy, technology, medicine, art, and literature. 

Shortly after the Iranian revolution that changed the world, we have both parties, both candidates meeting with Jewish leaders, making sure that all Jews know that they are looking out for us.

Regardless of which candidate we see as being a bigger supporter of Jews and of Israel, from Trump’s Jewish daughter to Bill Clinton’s pin which read Hillary in Hebrew, it’s important to note that we are front and center in priority for both parties.

Regardless of left or right, Jews are living in a blessed time, in a blessed country, discussing freely and openly their opinions of who should lead America. 

These are miraculous and magical times for Jews. 

In our political arguments, we should never lose sight of how blessed we are to have the love of America and the strength of Israel.

Clinton or Trump, Jews should celebrate!