February 25, 2020

SC for Innovation: Africa at Nature’s Brew

SC Students for Israel (SCSI), AfricaSC, TAMID, and the Environmental Student Assembly at the University of Southern California have joined forces in order to raise awareness and donations for Innovation: Africa. I:A is a non-profit that brings Israeli sustainable technology to Africa, providing light, clean water, food and proper medical care to more than 675,000 people in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our goal is to raise enough money for 3 solar panels, brightening up schools and allowing children and adults alike to study beyond daylight.

In the midst of the darkness attached to BDS resolutions and the anti-Semitic sentiment on college campuses, this collaboration between two Israel-related organizations, the African club, and the Environmental Student Assembly (which is part of student government) brings the Jewish student community warmth and hope. Jewish and pro-Israel students should look to the technological, multi-cultural, and philanthropic aspects of Israel and showcase them to their peers, because together we can do amazing things—like bring light to Africa, and in turn to Israel and its supporters.

This fundraiser kicks off SCSI’s Philanthropy February campaign, a challenge to raise money for 3 Israel-related nonprofits all month long. For more information about Philanthropy February: https://www.facebook.com/events/1400042520297668/

You can donate to our campaign here: http://icampaign-innoafrica.org/sc-team

And come out to our fundraiser event at Nature’s Brew this Wednesday, February 4th.

(2316 S Union Ave, Los Angeles, California)

For more information about the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/724452760984409/