January 23, 2019

Are mobile applications climbing the ladder of technological insanity?

Since mobile Applications evolve into the dominance element that connects humanity to the convenience of portable machines, an ever evolving non-stop race for mobile Applications improvement is constantly being witnessed.
The intensity of this technological race has intensified so much over the past five years,  that we are almost unable to keep up with the good the bad and the insane, when it comes to mobile applications.

2014 was somewhat insane, but for 2015 we have seen so many strange ” target=”_blank”>American Association of Psychologists,  there is no way an App or software can replace the actual required direct assessment skills of a real life clinical psychologist.
She suggested that while software and applications can certainly aid a psychologist in his or her work, it cannot replace him or her per say, within the field of medical sciences.
But strange Apps does not amuse people like Dr. Dover alone, neither is it confine to the world of psychology alone.
If you even dig further into medical science there are dozens of Apps that claims to measure your heart rate and make certain medical revelations without you even seeing a doctor.
From heart problems to arthritis, the list of technological jokes that these Apps reeks out seems to know no limit.
But while almost none of these Apps carry medical warning to suffice that their use might be recreational or entertaining in nature, the ” target=”_blank”>BlackMoldRemoval.com, a company that actually handles the physical aspect of removing the mold, such a claim of an App that identifies black mold is nothing more than technological insanity.

And even though he laughed at me when I asked him the question, I urged him to use his mobile phone and do an internet search on the subject matter.

I guess he could not have believed the level of insanity at which the world of mobile applications and technology had gone to.

Even at the level of mocking the little remaining decency surrounding his profession.

I think he is still standing in amusement with his mobile phone in his hands. Don’t you?