May 24, 2019

ISIS Supporting Group Posts Image Threatening LA Building

Photo from Pixabay.

A group that supports the terror organization ISIS posted an image online that showed a building in downtown Los Angeles exploding.

The photo, which was posted on Feb. 14, shows the explosion photoshopped onto the AON Center on Wilshire Boulevard, with a masked man watching on and holding an ISIS flag. The name of the group has not been publicly identified.

The Los Angeles Police Department tweeted on Feb. 15 that they didn’t believe the threat was “credible,” but they are taking it “very seriously.”

“You have to take this very seriously because the fact is that skyscrapers here in Los Angeles have been a target by terrorist organizations,” terrorism expert Steve Gomez told ABC7, pointing to a 2002 al-Qaeda plot targeting the U.S. Bank Tower that was ultimately thwarted by law enforcement.

Those working at the AON building reportedly didn’t notice anything suspicious on Feb. 15.

Anyone who sees something suspicious is encouraged to contact law enforcement by calling (877) 284-7328.