January 20, 2019

Car selling 101: How to get rid of your junk or damaged car

Whether you’ve trashed your car in an accident, are growing tired of the increasing repair bills on an old clunker, or are simply looking to upgrade to something shinier and more modern – getting rid of your old car can be a laborious pain. The world of car salesmen and mechanics isn’t known for its generosity or fairness, so it can be somewhat intimidating trying to get the most bang for your buck when getting rid of an old motor.

That’s why we’ve decided to break it down to the most popular options, and give you some insight into the key things you’ll need to know for each. Let’s begin:

Junk Car Buyers

The quickest, easiest, and most common solution for car disposal is a junk car buying service. This is a It’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular options for most people – though the cash you receive may not be quite what a car-savvy and internet-smart seller would get, this method is low-risk, highly convenient, and extremely quick.

Selling your car (or parts)

If you know your stuff when it comes to cars, then selling it through an online service such as “>Ebay can be the most financially lucrative option. Though the potential for getting more in return is greater, selling online will also require you to put a little work in. Create an advert that is clear and detailed, with plenty of pictures. Do a little research into what your local market is like – some regions can vary wildly in what they expect for their buck.

Patience and communication are key to selling online. Be willing to wait for offers, answer plenty of questions, and negotiate with people once they do show interest. You should also consider how a buy can take your car away if it isn’t functioning.

If your car isn’t in a drivable state, then selling it part-by-part can also provide a good return – particularly if the car is a rare model with sought-after components. Pretty much any part of your car can be sold – from interior features such as seats, radios, or steering wheels, to body parts such as panels, windows, doors, or lights, to engine and transmission parts that still have some life in them. Just remember to account for shipping costs, and bear in mind that you’ll probably be left with half a car that nobody really wants at the end of it.

Donate, recycle, or give it away

In the US there are plenty of charities which will take your car as a donation – and in many cases even provide you with (often small) financial compensation. Though this often requires some paperwork (with more paperwork for more highly-compensated cars), it’s a great way to get rid of your car and have a good conscience at the same time! Just remember that a lot of charities don’t have the means to tow your car away if it isn’t functioning – so you may have to handle this aspect yourself.

Selling your car as scrap is usually the last resort. Though you do get the convenience of having somebody take your car away, it is neither financially beneficial (selling as scrap will net you very little in return) nor environmentally friendly (no parts will be recycled).

This option should really only be considered if your car is in an extremely bad state, if you don’t care at all about making some money from it, and if you’re really not concerned about seeing what’s left of it put to good use.


Ultimately, there is no ‘best’ solution for getting rid of an old car. If you want to make the most out of it, then you’ll need to know your stuff and put in some effort. For convenience and speed, you’ll get less in return, and if you want to do something that benefits others and the environment, be prepared for somewhat less convenience and money. There’s an option for any car and every situation, so choose what works for you, and happy driving!


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