December 12, 2018

Genesis Prize Foundation to Hold Competition for Women’s Rights Grants

The Genesis Prize Foundation announced on May 27 that they will hold a competition where Israeli women’s rights non-governmental organizations (NGOs) could win $1 million in grants.

These NGOs can apply for the grants on Matan-United Way Israel’s website. According to a press release, the Genesis Prize Foundation is putting an emphasis on the following attributes when determining the grant winner: promoting economic opportunities for women and gender equality, working toward ending discrimination among women in minority groups and helping end violence toward women.

The Genesis Prize Foundation decided to use women’s equality as their theme when they chose Natalie Portman to receive its 2018 Laureate. They will be sticking with that theme even though she decided not to attend.

“Empowering women in Israeli society is an inseparable and integral part of Israel’s social strength,” Matan-United Way Israel CEO Ahuva Yanai said in the press release. “Promoting gender equality of rights and opportunities is an important challenge we are facing. Women lead, donate, volunteer, create and establish, and they deserve respect in both their personal and public spheres. Harming or disrespecting women because they are women is discrimination based on ignorance and we must demolish it.”

The winners of the competition will be announced just before Rosh Hashanah in September. More details can be found at