November 17, 2018

Tel Aviv, Shabbat, Shavuot.

For one day you break our hearts.
For one day you make us cry.
For one day your terror seems to win.
For one day you dance in the streets.

But,  you forget this Israel of ours,
was never built for one day.
So count the hours.
When the clock strikes twenty-four,
we'll go back to that market of ours.

Terror shakes the Jewish land
and Shabbat arrives,  we hold hand in hand,
Ledor Vador,  from generation to generation.
We've been counting through sandy deserts
God awaits us at Sinai with presents.

Shavuot comes after your feeble attempts.
Cast your bullets, pass out a cookie or two.
But our land flowing with milk and honey
shall never be split by you in two.

Though you try to bury our children
Never Forget
we are seeds that grow and sprout
here in Israel and yes in heaven. 

United we stand with Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
All Jews always face Western Wall,  Hashem.
We rise from the ashes stronger each time
shining our light onto the world for all time.

Don't confuse one day's grief
With your success,  oh it's so brief.

Today and every day, 
Je Suis Tel Aviv,
I am Tel Aviv.


*** Less than 18 hours after the Tel Aviv terror attack at  Sarona Market, business is booming.
patrons gathered at Max Brenner today to enjoy the sunshine and a chocolate treat. A powerful sign of defiance towards forces of terror.
Fear will not win. (Svetlana Solomina)