November 17, 2018

EXCLUSIVE!!! Mel Gibson Apology Video [A pre-Yom Kippur Comedy Special]

In a live interview for the Jewish Journal, Marcus J Freed interviews the infamous actor from Mad Max, Lethal Weapon and What Women Want. Mel Gibson considers the important Jewish values of Tzedakah (charity) and Teshuva (repentance), except things don't go entirely according to plan. Is Mel a changed man? See for yourself…

“What is “perfect repentance”? This is when a person is faced with some thing in which he has sinned in the past, and he has the opportunity to do it again, but he turns away and does not sin because of teshuvah, not out of fear or through lack of strength.” Maimonides, Laws of Repentance (Hilchot Teshuva), 2:1