May 29, 2019

Jan Aronson died Sept. 18, 2018, at 93.  Survived by husband Gerald; daughters Ellen, Lisa, Ruth. Mount Sinai

Jean Berson-Cahn died April 11 at 91. Survived by daughter Karen Campbell; son Peter Berson; 3 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Nettie Bronson died April 18 at 103. Survived by daughter Lois; son Harold (Stephanie); 2 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Joan Brown died April 12 at 87. Survived by daughter Debbie (Larry) Belkin; son Mark; 5 grandchildren; 4 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Abe Brownstein died April 8 at 95. Survived by wife Eileen; daughter Sandy (Ron) Thomas; stepsons George (Tanya) Bruck, John Bruck; 6 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Morris “Mike” Checansky died April 4 at 79. Survived by wife Iris; daughter Cindy (Robert) Yates; sons Rick (Eliza), Scott; 3 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Anne Cholakian died March 30 at 69. Survived by sons Andrew (Jessica), William; brothers Daniel (Beverly) Gelb; Josh (Fanny Fuentes) Gelb. Mount Sinai

Irving Freedman died March 29 at 83. Survived by wife Sherre; son Randy; stepdaughter Marjorie Atkins; 4 grandchildren; 4 great-grandchildren; sister Esther Eglick. Groman Eden 

Sheldon Freedman died April 13 at 84. Survived by wife Beth; daughters Mona, Hope (Joel) Cohen; sons Michael (Leora), Bryan (Denise); 7 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Charlotte Friedman died April 13 at 98. Survived by sons Joseph “Joey” (Julie), Myron; 3 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren; sister Liesel Shineberg. Mount Sinai 

Kenneth B. Gelber died April 11 at 75. Survived by sons Jeffrey (Lauren), Rayn; sister Linda (Barry) Hyman. Mount Sinai

Arnold Gillis died April 7 at 88.  Survived by daughter Nancy (Gary) Ferris; sons Steven (Shari), Martin; 4 grandchildren; sister Marilyn Goldfarb. Mount Sinai

Melvin Ginsburg died March 15 at 91. Survived by son Michael. Hillside

Esther Green died April 11 at 91. Survived by daughter Elissa (Michael) Beals; son Steven; 2 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Marcus Jacob Jacobson died April 12 at 88. Survived by wife Judith “Judy”; daughter Mitzi (Roger) Schwarz; son Barry (Dina); 8 grandchildren. Eden Memorial Park

Edith Kalmar died April 13 at 92. Survived by sons George (Julie), Ivan (Diane Davidson); 4 grandchildren; 1 great-grandchild. Mount Sinai

Mildred Lewis died April 7 at 79. Survived by husband Edward; daughters Joan (Robert Cortes), Susan (David Golove); 2 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Bernard Matier died April 18 at 93. Survived by daughter Deborah; son Michael (Stacey); 3 grandchildren; 1 great-grandchild. Hillside

Rose Mizrahi died April 19 at 92. Survived by daughter Vivien; son David (Linda); 6 grandchildren; 1 great-grandchild; brothers Pepe, Elis. Hillside

Adrianne Nathan died April 9 at 93.  Survived by daughters Sandra Strom, Kathy (James) Barnes; 2 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Edith Newman died April 18 at 95. Survived by daughter Deena (Charles); sons Gary (Jeanne), Jason (Karyn); 7 grandchildren; sister Jeanette. Hillside

Michael Perelman died April 4 at 54.  Survived by mother Elaine; brother Mark. Mount Sinai 

Marguerite S. Perkins-Mautner died April 15 at 92. Survived by daughter Deborah Kala Perkins; sons Louis (Michelle) Perkins, David Perkins; 2 grandchildren. Mount Sinai 

Bernice A. Pitler died April 20 at 96. Survived by daughters Robin, Janice; 1 grandchild. Mount Sinai

Donald Raich died April 7 at 84. Survived by daughter Ariana (Brian) Swan; sons Jon, Michael (Lisa), Gregory (Samantha), Evan (Jill) Levy; 14 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren; brother, Kenny (Jill). Mount Sinai

Ellie Rubin-Leichter died April 19 at 85. Survived by husband Ira; daughter Abbey Anna; 1 grandchild. Mount Sinai

Joseph Schnitzer died April 13 at 100. Survived by daughter Jerri (Marshal) Safron; son David; 4 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Louise Heller Schwab died April 17 at 71. Survived by husband Robert; daughters Hillary (Jordan), Marisa; son Andrew (Jackie); 2 grandchildren; sister; brother. Hillside

Ofer Sendowski died April 9 at 47. Survived by mother Shulamit; father Ilan; sister Merav (Jonathan) Rosenfeld. Mount Sinai

Paul Shorr died April 20 at 88. Survived by sons Steven, Stuart, Tim (Wendy); 1 grandchild; sister Harriet. Hillside

Allen Siegel died April 12 at 97. Survived by daughter Karen; son Kenneth (Ariel); 4 grandchildren; 6 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Richard Wallach died April 19 at 81. Survived by wife Nancy; daughter Denise (Andrew) Geller; son Paul; 4 grandchildren. Mount Sinai 

Elliott Weiner died March 28 at 66. Survived by daughter Chloe (Corwin Simms); sons Joshua (Sarah); Nicholas (Danielle) Fabi; 3 grandchildren; brother Stanley (Anne). Mount Sinai

Mitchell Aaron Williams died March 11 at 59. Survived by father Jack; brothers Gary, Ken. Eden Memorial

Edwin Wissner died April 16 at 100. Survived by daughter Barbara (Robert); son Peter; 4 grandchildren; 6 great-grandchildren. Hillside

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More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.

More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.