February 13, 2019

Alan Averick died Jan. 12 at 100. Survived by daughter Joady; sons Michael, William; 2 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren. Hillside

Jacqueline “Jackie” Bender died Dec. 30 at 80. Survived by daughter Shari. Mount Sinai 

Yory Bendersky died Dec. 24 at 72. Survived by wife Izabella; sons Eugene (Valerie), Vadim (Tina); 3 grandchildren; sisters Elizaveta (Boris) Postnoy, Eugenia (Eugene) Rabinovich. Mount Sinai

Henry Berlin died Jan. 2 at 78. Survived by daughter Irina (Yury) Chudnovsky; 1 grandchild; sister Margarita (David) Schwartz. Mount Sinai

Regina Findling Clark died Jan. 6 at 81. Survived by husband Nathan Hale Clark; brothers Joseph, Fred, Martin.

Harriette L. Cohen died Dec. 25 at 79. Survived by daughter Rita (Darren) Shuster; son Charles; 3 grandchildren; sister Nadine Chudacoff; brother Arnie Breslow. Mount Sinai

Harvey Cohen died Jan. 12 at 85. Survived by wife Florence; daughter Jill Pearson; sons Don, Gary; 7 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai 

Molly Comstock died Jan. 14 at 2. Survived by mother Robin; father Kevin; brother Hudson; grandmother Terri; grandfather Neal; grandfather Hugh (Traci); grandmother Rita (Phillip). Hillside

Mervyn Cooper died Jan. 10 at 80. Survived by wife Natalie; daughters Melanie (Kelvin), Heather (Richard); 4 grandchildren; sister Ruth (Marvin). Hillside

Rochelle Culinger died Jan. 15 at 68. Hillside

Jessica David-Stein died Jan. 1 at 70. Survived by husband Herbert; daughter Morgan (Scot); son Kee (Brea); 2 grandchildren. Hillside

Dorene Diamond died Dec. 22 at 71. Survived by niece Annalisa. Hillside

Yetta Dorfman died Jan. 17 at 96. Survived by 2 grandchildren; 6 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Donald Dronzek died Jan. 6 at 86. Survived by wife Judy; daughter Robyn (Robert) Washburn; son Eric (Teresa) Davis; 8 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren; sister Eileen Turoff; sister-in-law Marsh. Mount Sinai 

Meir Ezer died Jan. 11 at 82. Survived by wife Nancy; daughters Tamar, Rona (Michael); 3 grandchildren; sisters Arlette, Esperose. Hillside

Louise Fogelman died Dec. 29 at 89. Survived by daughter Nancie; sons Mitch (Jan), Jeff (Deborah); 1 grandchild. Mount Sinai

Shirley Friedman died Dec. 14 at 77. Survived by sons William “Bill” (Jill), Brian (Kristen); 3 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Cary Allan Fox died Jan. 3 at 77. Survived by wife Elaine; daughters Deborah Bauer, Julia (David) Moore; son Michael (Jenny Rios); 8 grandchildren; 4 great-grandchildren; brother Ira. Mount Sinai

Charlotte Ginne died Jan. 9 at 97. Survived by daughters Melinda, Licia; 1 grandchild. Hillside 

Nancy Goddard died Dec. 26 at 78. Survived by brother Larry. Hillside 

Betsy Green died Dec. 30 at 87. Survived by husband Albert; daughters Cathi (Randy), Stacy (Bruce), Kelly (Greg); son Garth (Susan); 10 grandchildren; 1 great-grandchild. Hillside

Leona Hallman died Jan. 4 at 84. Survived by cousins Carole (Rich) Casten, Felicia Bolton. Mount Sinai 

Kimberly Hanning died Jan. 11 at 48. Survived by husband John Cooper; daughters Delany, Sydney; son Nathan; mother Evlynn; father Bruce; sisters Lisa (Ron), Tracy (Greg). Hillside

Danielle Harte died Dec. 25 at 92. Survived by daughter Monika (Jeff Sobin) Harte-Sobin; 2 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

George Herman died Dec. 27 at 84. Survived by wife Geraldine “Jeri”; daughters Whitney (Howard) Schwartz, Tami (Gary) Olshen; son Michael (Penny) Herman; 5 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Eva Hofberg died Dec. 23 at 100. Survived by daughters Caryn, Rhonda (Garrin Shaw) Broude, Shelley; 1 grandchild; 1 great-grandchild. Mount Sinai

Sheila Homer died Dec. 25 at 81. Survived by daughter Linda (Mitchell); son Howard (Polly); 4 grandchildren. Hillside

Herbert Karlow died Dec. 24 at 87. Survived by wife Mary Ann; sister Lenore Rodah. Mount Sinai

Geane Kaye died Jan. 15 at 87. Survived by daughter Michelle (Earl); son Fred; 2 grandchildren. Hillside

Benjamin “Benny” Kittay died Jan. 7 at age 80. Survived by his nephews Michael Bayer, Kenny Bayer.

Mildred Hiller died Dec. 27 at 93. Survived by husband Irving; daughters Diana, Janice; son Clifford (Catherine); 1 grandchild; brothers Arnold (Estelle) Zucker, Irwin (Devra) Zucker. Mount Sinai

Meir Jacobs died Jan. 3 at 99. Survived by wife Edith; daughters Esther Rydell, Miriam (Oded) Tajkef; 4 grandchildren; 9 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Blanche Jacobson died Dec. 28 at 102. Survived by daughter Suzanne (Bob); 2 grandchildren; 5 great-grandchildren. Hillside

Eileen Jacobson died Dec. 22 at 88. Survived by daughters Jane (Robert), Emily; 1 grandchild. Hillside

Robert Lawenda died Dec. 31 at 77. Survived by wife Sharon; sons Steven, Jason; 3 grandchildren; sister Marilyn; brother Kenneth. Mount Sinai

Lydia “Lida” Lebovic died Dec. 6 at 90. Survived by husband William; daughter Sonia Prizant (Tsvi); 2 grandchildren. Mountain View Mortuary, Reno, Nev.

Marjorie Lipson died Jan. 11 at 82. Survived by husband Henry; daughter Liz (Craig) Elledge; stepdaughters Linda (Robert) Blum, Jennifer (Chris Hollas); stepsons Steven (Jana), Daniel (Maria), 3 grandchildren; 1 great-grandchild. Mount Sinai 

Paul Meltzner died Jan. 12 at 89. Survived by wife Ruthe; daughter Karen (Henry); sons Martin, Craig (Elaine), Brian (Carol); 6 grandchildren; 6 great-grandchildren. Hillside

Elliott Messinger died Jan. 6 at 88. Survived by wife Harriett; daughters Cheryl Viale, Beth (Richard) Dorfman; son Jeffrey (Andrea); 8 grandchildren; 7 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Lydia Neumann died Dec. 31 at 95. Survived by sons Charles, Roy, Paul, Anthony; 6 grandchildren; 4 great-grandchildren; brother Jorge Lozano. Mount Sinai

Norman Obrow died Jan. 5 at 96. Survived by wife Adrianne; daughter Susan (Ed); son Jeffrey; 1 grandchild. Hillside

Leba Ostroff died Jan. 10 at 100. Survived by 2 grandchildren. Hillside

Solomon Perlo died Dec. 23 at 74. Survived by wife Debra; daughter Melinda (Jared); sons Scott (Yael), Evan; sister Gloria (Phil); 3 grandchildren. Hillside

Yvonne Prelutsky died Jan. 15 at 83. Survived by husband Burton; sons Tony (Lisa), Joe (Jeanne); half-sisters Margie, Kyle, Dana, Sabre; 2 grandchildren. Hillside

Sondra Berris Pomerantz died Jan. 9 at 88. Survived by husband Irwin Pomerantz; daughter Liz Berris; sons Jeff Berris, Bob (Deb) Berris; 9 grandchildren; sister Arlene Slaten. Mount Sinai 

Louis Popick died Jan. 2 at 93. Survived by wife Maria; daughters Sharon (Carl), Marilyn; son Martin (Lana); 9 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren. Hillside

Judith Robins died Jan. 7 at 84. Survived by daughters Lynda (Alan), Cynthia (Mike); 3 grandchildren. Hillside

Alan Rogers died Jan. 12 at 92. Survived by wife Gersha; daughter Karen; son Craig; 2 grandchildren; 1 great-grandchild. Hillside

Lisa Ann Rose-Alshire died Jan. 9 at 60. Survived by mother Isabel Bronte; stepfather Les Bronte; stepbrother Robert Bronte; half-brother David (Ilyse) Bronte. Mount Sinai 

Betty Rosenstein died Jan. 4 at 97. Survived by daughter Lisa (Tom); sons Adam (Candyce), Jerry (Arlene); 7 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren; sister Lyla; brother Don. Hillside

Sheila Mae Ross died Dec. 22 at 81. Survived by daughter Rochelle Louise; brother Sanford Miller. Mount Sinai 

Dorothy C. Rubin died Dec. 24 at 98. Survived by daughter Shari (Mark) Wilson; son Craig (Ellen); 1 grandchild. Mount Sinai

Susan Schwarz died Dec. 22 at 72. Survived by husband Donald “Don”; sons Andy (Christina), Joshua, Tawd (Patricia Gilmore) Beckman; 7 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Karen Sherr died Jan. 11 at 77. Survived by husband Walter; sons Eliott, Steven, Scott; 7 grandchildren; sister Marsha Horowitz. Mount Sinai  

Estelle Silberkleit died Dec. 31 at 98. Survived by daughter Jill; 7 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren. Hillside

Myriam Sirota-End died Jan. 5 at 61. Survived by husband Stephen End; daughter Chantelle Brittany Johnson; 1 grandchild; brothers Franck Sirota, Marco Sirota. Mount Sinai 

Mariya Slonim died Nov. 29 at 92. Survived by son Alexander Kublanovsky; 1 grandchild. Chevra Kadisha

Leonard Smith died Jan. 15 at 100. Survived by wife Isabelle; daughter Randy Morrison Baird (Robert Baird); son Robert (Fayeron) Morrison; 4 grandchildren.

Penny Drossin Spark died Jan. 10 at 62. Survived by son Daniel.

Reva Stalder died Jan. 13 at 79. Survived by daughter Debbie Shepherd; 1 grandchild; brother Nathan (Sherri) Newman. Mount Sinai

Richard Teller died Dec. 27 at 80. Survived by wife Phyllis; brother-in-law Barry Smilen. Mount Sinai

Olga Volodinsky died Jan. 1 at 66. Survived by husband Yury; daughter Anna Itkis; son Dmitey; 4 grandchildren; brother Alexander Rozulin. Mount Sinai

Burton Weinberg died Dec. 10 at
89. Survived by daughters Barbara Archer (Marc Weiss), Randi Radogno (Joe),
Lauren (Shirley Lerche); stepsons
Mathew, Andrew, Howie Davidson; 2 grandchildren; brother Norman (Claire). Neptune Society

Lawrence Weinberg died Jan. 1 at 92. Survived by wife Barbara Anne; daughters Janice (Phillip) Zakowski, Julie (Rand) Fishbein; sons Jeffrey (Susan), James (Leslie); 12 grandchildren; 13 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Richard Weisman died Dec. 30 at 78. Survived by daughters Abby, Robin; son Richard; 2 grandchildren. Hillside

Helen Zeff died Jan 9 at 60. Survived by daughters Rachel, Jessica; sons Andrew (Garrett), Trevor (Renee); 5 grandchildren. Hillside 

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