January 8, 2014

At Brookline school, students search for missing classmate

At the Maimonides School in Brookline, Mass., this morning, it was all hands on deck as students and faculty mobilized to locate one of their own: Caleb Jacoby, 16, an 11th-grader and the son of Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby who has been missing since Monday afternoon.

Thousands of African migrants protest outside Israeli parliament

More than 10,000 African migrants demonstrated outside Israel\’s parliament on Wednesday, extending protests into a fourth consecutive day in a quest for recognition as refugees and freedom to work legally without fear of incarceration.

Refugee teens in Israel win races but not awards

On a chilly night in December, up a grassy slope overlooking the all-weather track at Ironi Tet High School in southeast Tel Aviv, a few dozen teens — hailing from about 10 different countries — raced one another to the top of the hill.

UCLA’s further deterioration

The intellectual and moral decline of American universities in the last 40 years is one of the saddest chapters in modern American history.

Calendar: January 11-17

She’s a screenwriter who has offered you her biting observations and keen advice through the voices of some of your favorite TV characters, from “Sex and the City” to “Modern Family.” But, if you’re not watching as much television as the rest of us, you may also have read her column in O, The Oprah Magazine, or her best-selling “The Between Boyfriends Book.”

What lies beneath

I don’t mean to alarm the global scientific community, but I feel I have an obligation, in these nascent days of 2014, to share a potentially disturbing finding I came upon at the end of last year.


Kenneth Allweis died Dec. 15 at 72. Survived by wife Eugenia Presser; sister Vida Brenner; friends Jack (Barbara) Berman. Hillside

Letters to the editor: Jordan Belfort, Azerbaijan and defending Israel

As a state and federal criminal prosecutor, I can tell you that for every Bernard Madoff or Jordan Belfort, there are dozens of Jewish white-collar criminals you will never read about (“ ‘The Wolf’ and the Jewish Problem,” Jan. 3). Rob Eshman is right on the money when he declares that our rabbis and leaders are not doing enough to address this issue.

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More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.

More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.