February 27, 2020

Jewish Men Don’t Cheat! Ha! And Ashley Madison is a Dating Site!

Ever since Tiger Woods slipped and unleashed a fury onto himself, every woman out there has been asking the same question: “How could he?  Why would he?”  Then, Jesse James, a.k.a. Mr. Sandra Bullock followed in suit, not to mention countless government officials; gay or straight.  And as of this week, our ex-Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted to having an affair with his household staffer, and this is where it gets even better, even fathering a child with her!  Not only was he dumb enough to have the affair, but obviously even dumber for getting her pregnant…

So, how could they all do that?  I’ll tell you how they could:

1. They are all men.

2. They all men who have power and money.

3. They are human.

No I am not condoning cheating, however what I am saying is that unless you are in that relationship, you don’t know all the details, arrangements, etc.  Therefore, you can’t judge.  How do you know that Maria Shriver isn’t an annoying, complaining bitch who never puts out?  How do you know that they didn’t have some kind of an agreement, only to be ruined when Arnold slipped up and got the woman pregnant…  Who knows what went on with Tiger and his wife, or the reasons for his affairs.  Maybe there were none, he traveled a lot, needed a release, wife was not around, had money, and cheated…  Who cares!  None of these men are role models, nor should they have ever been.  You as parents should be your own childrens’ role models, not athletes or in James’ case a husband of famous but so-so actress.  Just because you are a lazy parent that does more for yourself than your child, it doesn’t mean that Tiger Woods should have been a role model for your child.  Besides, he is still the same great golfer that he was before we all found out about the cheating.  If anything, his game was a hell of a lot better when he had the mistresses and a very regular sex life.  Look at him now: no women, no game!  He needed them to stay great.

I could not believe the social media frenzy over Woods and James’ affairs.  Women in shock and disbelief posting questions all over Facebook, Twitter and other sites, asking why they would hurt their wives like that.  Believe it or not, I’ve gotten into some heated debates on Facebook with women over it, only to result with me being terminated as their friend.  I guess all women should think alike, otherwise this world will collapse as we know it.

I have also received emails from women that believe if Tiger Woods or Jesse James were Jewish, they would have never cheated!  Are you kidding me?  Are you really that naive or just plain stupid?  It doesn’t matter what faith, religion, culture or background you come from, there are some men that will have affairs no matter what.  I know plenty of Jewish men that have and will cheat again.  And you know the reason why?  Partially because they are married to annoying, bitchy, never putting out Jewish wives!  Yea, yea I am sure all you JAP’s are getting your Ipads ready to send me hate mail.  Don’t waste my time.  We all know that women are joining mens’ ranks as well, especially in the past decade.

Take a look at these so-called “Real Housewives” on Bravo.  Don’t you think that when a 25-year-old woman marries a man her Father’s age, even if he is a Millionaire, that at some point all that money and diamonds won’t be able to fulfill her in the bedroom?  Let’s move away from sex for a bit, what about just companionship in general; what could you possibly talk about with someone twice your age?  Music of the 50’s, whether Reagan was a better actor than a President, or about Eisenhower’s embarrassing U-2 incident?  How long does a bimbo in her early-twenties stay happy playing Monopoly every night, instead of out partying with men her age?  Not long by some calculations, roughly six months.

I also have to talk about Ashley Madison site for a minute.  If you haven’t heard of it, feel free to check it out: www.ashleymadison.com When I talk to random people about it, I get the same reaction every time: Its disgusting!  Really, why?  Because people are going to cheat no matter what, so a business genius by the name of Noel Biderman decided to cash in on what’s already there, and that is disgusting to you?  I, on the other hand think he is an extremely smart individual, who saw a huge business opportunity in the idiots that are already cheating and/or going to cheat , and created a multi-million dollar company from it.  This is America people; where you can start any company you want.  Just because Ashley Madison makes it easier for people to find other like-minded individuals, it doesn’t necessarily mean Evil.  What about Craigslist and Myspace, or haven’t you known what married men have used that site for, well before Ashley Madison came around?

Mr. Biderman you are smarter than all of us combined, and thanks to all the Tiger Woods’ out there, now a lot richer too!  Mazel Tov!