‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Cast Says SAG Award Win is a Mistake

January 20, 2020
The cast of the “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” at the 26th Annual SAG Awards. Terence Patrick/Getty Images

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” won the TV comedy ensemble award at the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards for the second year in a row, much to the astonishment of its cast.

“I voted for ‘Fleabag!’ This is really weird,” Alex Borstein blurted out as the cast assembled on stage to accept. “This makes no sense. I don’t know what to say. I’m going to take this home and make sweet love to it under my Spanx hole. This makes no sense. ‘Fleabag’ is brilliant.”

Earlier in the evening, Borstein, who plays Susie Myerson on the show, and Midge Maisel herself, Rachel Brosnahan competed in the female comedy actor category, and lost to “Fleabag” star Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Brosnahan took over the mic from Borstein to express her surprise at the win.

“Thank you, guys. This is a mistake, but thank you,” Brosnahan said. She and Tony Shalhoub, who won earlier for male actor in a comedy series (his second for “Maisel” and fourth overall), both paid tribute to cast member Brian Tarantina, who died in November. “We had such an amazing time here with him last year, so thank you so, so much for this,” she said. “This is dedicated to him.”

Joaquin Phoenix, who has Ashkenazi Jewish roots on his mother’s side, took home the movie actor award for his title role in “Joker,” the first win for the five-time SAG nominee.

During her acceptance speech for outstanding performance by a female actor in a drama series for “The Morning Show,” Jennifer Aniston gave a shout out to close friend and “Uncut Gems” star Adam Sandler for his performance this year which didn’t receive any SAG or Oscar nominations.

“Adam Sandler, your performance was extraordinary and your magic is real, buddy. I love you,” she said.

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