November 19, 2018

Why an American-German Is Voting Trump

A fellow American in Berlin, who prefers to remain anonymous lest she face election-shaming for being a Trump voter, recently shared with me one of the reasons for her vote.

She has witnessed firsthand the strain that influx of migrants have caused on her family. The sports hall where her kids normally play is no longer available for their use. A community center has been taken over by migrants, mostly young and male, and they loiter around, and she feels uncomfortable for her young daughter given what happened on New Year's last year when groups of migrants, allegedly from North Africa, were reporterd to have groped and sexually harrassed women.

But more recently, on a more macro scale, she tells of a bomb threat her place of work received on Tuesday, October 11, and which didn't get reported. It occurred as a fire struck the iconic Europa-Center in west Berlin. The