5 Questions CNN needs to ask Donald Trump

February 26, 2016

In my column this week I outed Donald Trump for inspiring and energizing the white supremacist movement.  Perhaps he didn't do so intentionally, but as I wrote, “When you say nasty, divisive things, you empower nasty, divisive people.”

A day after my column appeared, former KKK Eunuch-In-Chief David Duke endorsed Trump, and shortly after the Anti-Defamation League called on Trump to denounce Duke and confront the hate groups he has so inspired.  It’s frustrating that at press conferences and debates,  reporters and anchors don’t press Trump on this issue. 

Here are five questions CNN needs to ask Donald Trump:

1. You have said that when you retweeted the tweets of avowed white supremacists, you did so inadvertently.  What steps have you taken to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

2. Why do you think your campaign is so popular among groups and web sites that espouse racist anti-Mexican, anti-black and anti-Semitic ideas?

3. The head of the ADL has said your campaign has energized white supremacist groups.  Does that concern you?   What will you do about it?

4. FBI statistics show that white supremacist and militia groups have killed more Americans on American soil over the past decade than have Islamic-inspired attacks.   What will you do in a Trump presidency to combat these groups?

5. You have two Jewish grandchildren.  Your campaign was just endorsed by David Duke, who has espoused vicious anti-Semitism for years. Why do you think he’s drawn to your candidacy?  What is your message to David Duke? 

Anderson?  Wolf?  Get on it.

Rob Eshman is Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of TRIBE Media, which produces Jewish Journal, jewishjournal.com and Jewish Insider.  This is his blog for news and opinion.  For Rob’s award-winning food blog, go to foodaism.com. Want to email Rob, click here.  Follow him on Twitter @robeshman and @foodaism.

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