Video Q&A: Rambam Hospital’s Skorecki on finding cure for African American kidney disease

September 7, 2014

Iranian Jews living in the U.S. have a special love of Zionism and an even greater spirit of genorsity when it comes to giving back to worthy life saving causes in Israel. Late last month I was invited to a fundraising event at the West Los Angeles home of an Iranian Jewish family seeking to help Rambam Hopsital based in Hafia Israel. The state-of-the-art hospital not only saves lives on a regular basis for normal aliments, but during times of war and terror attacks, it is one of Israel's primary hubs for savings Muslim, Christian and Jewish lives everyday. I recently had the rare opportunity to meet with and interview Dr. Karl Skoreki, the hospital's leading nephrologist whose medical research has lead to potentially discovering a cure for a kidney disease primarily afflicting African Americans.

Interestingly, Skoreki was also welcomed late last month to speak at a prominent African American church here in Los Angeles and has received widespread support for his work from this community. Despite some baseless western media news reports and certain Hollywood celebrities calling Israel “genocidal”, Skoreki and his ground breaking medical work are the perfect example of how Israel as a nation is trying to heal the world by savings human lives regardless of race or religion.

The following are three brief video segments of my conversations with Skoreki who discusses his remarkable research at Rambam concerning the kidney disease afflicting African Americans and the Rambam hospital's medical treatment to save the lives of all Muslim Arabs wounded during the Gaza and Syrian wars recently. Skoreki, who is also a professor at Israel's Technion University also chatted with me about the stupidity of the BDS (Boycott Divest Sanctions) movement in the U.S. and Europe against Israel which serves no postive purpose at a time when Israeli technology and medicine are saving lives around the world.





For more information on Skoreki's work visit the website for the American Friends of Rambam Medical Center.

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