April 17, 2019
Photos courtesy of Tosh-Monsey

Thousands of matzahs are consumed every Passover. Did you ever wonder what a matzah bake looks like? We got insider access to a matzah bakery while the Tosh-Monsey Rebbe was baking matzahs with some of his followers for their personal use.

Founded in 1999, Tosh-Monsey is leading the way on innovating the Kollel experience. Under the leadership of its dean Harav Hagaon Reb Avrohom Katz and his unique blend of Breslov spirituality with traditional Talmudic rigor inspires Jews from all walks of life. For more information, visit http://toshmonsey.org.

HaRav HaGaon Reb Abraham Katz is the Rebbe of Tosh-Monsey. In 1970, The Grand Rabbi of Tosh hand-picked him as a suitor for his daughter and in 1999 entrusted him to lead the Tosh-Monsey community. Known for his wisdom, insights, encyclopedic Torah knowledge, and mastery of Jewish books of mysticism such as the Zohar, his counsel is sought by many followers and admirers.

The Rebbe founded Mishkanos Lavir Yakov in Monsey, NY, an advanced academy for Torah scholars which has produced many prominent Torah teachers and leaders. As dean of the Talmudical academy, the Rebbe personally instructed and developed many young Torah scholars into teachers and judges. Today, the Rebbe mentors a select group of Kollel fellows to become religious leaders and teachers of Torah.

For many years, the Rebbe was a sitting judge of Talmudic Law in a Beth Din (Jewish civil court) with a particular expertise in the intricate Jewish laws of usury. The Rebbe also contributed to the scholarship on the Jewish laws of religious holidays in his academic treatise called Minchas Avraham. Additionally, the Rebbe is an expert on the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and he regularly lectures on Breslov philosophies and wisdom.

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