October 22, 2019

It Will Be

Photo by PeakPx

We believe that God puts a piece of Himself inside you.
That’s your soul.
That means when a person believes in God
They not only believe in a Creator
They believe in the deepest part of themselves.
So therefore, if you want to believe in God
Believe in yourself
And if you want to believe in yourself
Believe in God.
God fills the entirety of all existence.
In fact, reality is just a subset of God.
On the deepest level
this whole world
is a conversation
God is having with Himself.
And through our choices
We get to decide
How God Expresses Himself in the world.
When we laugh
God laughs
When we yell
God yells
When we stop ourselves from being strict
God does the very same
We work the controls.
How would you like to see God express Himself today?
Be that
And it will be.

Sources: Rashi on the Book of Numbers 7:89; “Tomer Devorah” by Rabbi Moshe Cordovero.

David Sacks is an Emmy Award-winning writer and producer. His weekly podcast, “Spiritual Tools for an Outrageous World,” is available online.