April 2, 2020

Marty Kaplan

A full moon ambushed me the other morning. It was pasted on the sky like a crafts project, too flat and too burnt orange, and too close to...
Means, motive, opportunity. For detectives, nailing down those is the perp trifecta.
The rules of grammar and usage, of punctuation and pronunciation, had been thoroughly drubbed into me by the time I graduated from high school.
Do you ever find yourself wondering what the story is with those thrilled faces behind Donald Trump at his rallies?
The game of nuclear chicken Trump is playing with Kim Jong Un offers a teachable moment about something we’d all rather not think about.
John F. Kelly’s front-stabbing Donald Trump’s new White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci was a sublime first move.
Would Pence trade the Oval Office for Trump’s holding his resignation hostage to a pardon?
It was Roget’s Thesaurus that encouraged me to differentiate among synonyms. When I first bought it I hadn’t a clue how to pronounce “Roget” or “thesaurus.”
John Thune is a member of the all-white, all-male “gang of 13” staunchly conservative Republicans secretly writing a new GOP health bill in the Senate.
Pluralism is the euphemism for how we manage the mess made when the worshippers of different gods maintain that theirs is the One and only God.
U.S. surgeon general Vivek Murthy in dress blues, flanked by Janney and Farris, warning that drug overdoses kill more Americans than car crashes.
I’m rarely without my iPhone, even for a few minutes (you know: in case of an emergency or I don’t want the plumber to go to voicemail).
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