May 26, 2019


At 9:53 a.m. on July 18, 1994, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a suicide bomber in a Renault van detonated more than 600 pounds of explosives near the entrance to AMIA
A recent UC Irvine screening and panel discussion of an anti-Israel film argued that the establishment of the State of Israel resulted...
Illegitimate criticism of Israel was the major focus of the Maccabee Academy, hosted by the Maccabee Task Force (MTF) at the Venetian...
Alan Canter died Jan. 25 at the age of 82, but the family-owned deli didn’t lose a beat, running like the well-oiled machine he helped create.
Eliad Moreh-Rosenberg clicked to the first photo of her presentation, and on a large screen at the Skirball Cultural Center displayed her nondescript workplace at Yad Vashem’s art museum.
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