March 30, 2020


With schools closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, Rosen and his wife Rachel came up with the idea of holding an interactive dance party via Facebook Live for families with small children.
Flavors from Afar’s catering was helmed by 11 chefs from nine countries in 2019: Afghanistan, Egypt, Eritrea, Iraq, Kenya, Syria, Somalia, Venezuela and Guatemala.
1 in 5 people has a disability but you wouldn’t know it if you watched a movie or TV show.
Despite efforts to stigmatize AIPAC, progressive Zionists are still fighting for a place in both movements.
Lincoln was well versed in the story of Esther and emulated her.
Jews in the Baltics, Soviet Union and Asia endured genocide too.
A series of book discussions look at the immigrant experience through Yiddish literature, translated גוט.
Tired of being ignored, Sephardic Jews have created a new UCLA exhibit to honor their past.
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