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Rabbi shares her love of chocolate

To say that Rabbi Deborah R. Prinz likes chocolate would be a gross — or rather, delicious — understatement. For seven years, she’s traveled around the world and written about the delicacy, culminating in October with the publication of “On the Chocolate Trail: A Delicious Adventure Connecting Jews, Religions, History, Travel, Rituals and Recipes to the Magic of Cacao.”

My Single Peeps: Elyse G.

Elyse, 43, is a freelancer for this magazine — but that doesn’t mean she was coerced into being interviewed for My Single Peeps. At least as far as I know. I’ve never met a single person at the office. I write from home. Maybe it’s a tyrannical organization. All I know is she showed up to meet me, and she seemed interested in genuinely finding love.

The Parish

At The Parish, breakfast is served with a twist. A dainty lineup of four gourmet biscuit sandwiches arrives containing such unusual fillings as fried chicken and maple Dijon; trout and pickles; sage eggs and sausage; and bacon and avocado. Proclaiming the array “beautiful,” restaurant co-owner Bruce Horwitz snaps a photo before the sandwiches are divvied up. Because Horwitz and fellow co-owner Mark Meyuhas have done the selecting — and will also be doing the dining — there is one ingredient that is noticeably absent.

‘Ace of Cakes’ goes West

It all started with a wedding cake. When Duff Goldman — the now-famous star of the former Food Network reality series “Ace of Cakes” — was working as a hotel pastry chef in Vail, Colo., a friend asked him to make a cake for his nuptials on the side. It was the amazed reaction of the venue owner more than anything that led him to change career paths.

Fifty Shades of Television

By Michael Soter There is an ancient myth that states that the act of reading is an enlightening experience.  Supposedly, the printed page expands the...

Wise Sons. Delicatessen in San Francisco

This column will be part of our cover story Thursday on why the New Wave deli bandwagon seems to be passing LA by. This...

L.A. deli watch: goodbye Junior’s, hello Lenny’s

Junior’s Deli may be gone, but its space – and iconic blue-green sign – are about to have a new occupant: Lenny’s Deli, a...

Gay tourism in Tel Aviv given by Erez Bialer [VIDEO]

Gay tourism in Tel Aviv given by: Erez Bialer: Role: Gay Branding consultant Age: 29 Identity: ü  A Proud Israeli ü  A proud Tel Avivian ü  A proud Jew ü  A proud...

How Many People Really Believe in Redemption?

By Rabbi Mark Borovitz The problem with Redemption is that most people don't believe in it! I watch and participate with people all day, each...

Sex, Drugs, and other Blogs

By M. Alexander I was recently looking through the analytics on the “Addicted to Redemption” blog and noticed some interesting statistics.  One would think that...

David Henry G.

David, 27, seems to be brimming with confidence. He’s got a good, deep voice, and he’s still when he speaks. I fidget. My fingers or toes are generally wiggling, and I shift my position constantly. It suddenly dawns on me — I’m jealous. Why can’t I be as sure of myself?

Boy donates two ambulances

Robert Leeds’ bar mitzvah party last February was something special. During the cocktail hour, Cirque du Soleil entertainers roller-skated on a half-pipe. The celebration — which had a British invasion theme with English guards, a teahouse and traditional pub food — also featured Leeds playing electric guitar with a Beatles tribute band and participating in a breakdance routine with his brothers, Jonathan and Andrew, and an ensemble of dancers.

Do You Suffer From SJD?

By Ben Spielberg I was sitting in class yesterday, and the teacher asked us what we thought future utopian and dystopian ideals would look like....

Unexpected Israeli cuisine

I\'m not sure what I expected. Hummus, certainly, but what else? Stuffed derma? Latkes? Matzah ball soup? As a native New Yorker with Ashkenazi roots, the foods I associated with being Jewish were the foods I associated with my grandparents. By extension, I suppose, I also associated these same foods with Israel, though those connections were more subconscious than explicit.

The Reality of OCD

By Michael Welch   The level of ignorance that exists around Obsessive Compulsive Disorder astonishes me. If you are wondering whether or not you possess this...

Standups of the 70’s–Still Stars Today

Not to be confused with, yet reminiscent of a current film by the same name (both feature lots of depressing nights in bars) Standup Guys:...

Artists from inside the concentration camps

The Nazis gassed and murdered 1 million prisoners at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp complex, but they could not kill the human urge to create and leave behind a sign of their existence for future generations. Some 20 examples of the prisoners’ artistic legacy are on display in the exhibition “Forbidden Art,” continuing through Jan. 31 at UCLA Hillel and the neighboring St. Alban’s Episcopal Church.

Fixing Misperceptions with Communities

By Ben Spielberg I am very attracted to the idea of a community. It is not something that I had when I was growing up,...

The Role of Religion at the Golden Globes

Oscar nominations won’t be announced until Thursday, and awards fanatics have the privilege to look forward to the Golden Globe Awards shortly after that,...

Facebook and God

By Yeshaia Blakeney I started to write about G-d this morning but then decided I would write about Facebook.  Why not? Facebook probably has more...

Accepting Your Faults

By Josh Silver Growing up, I was one of those kids who always compared myself to others. No matter how hard I tried I never...

3.5 million people will have visited Israel in 2012

Some 3.5 million people will have visited Israel during 2012 by year\'s end. The number represents a 4 percent increase over last year, according to Israel\'s Ministry of Tourism.

Not Writing About the Newtown Tragedy

By Yeshaia Blakeney I sat down to write this week's blog entry and immediately felt compelled to write about the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy.  Why?  Because...

The Greenberg hurdle

Irving (“Yitz”) Greenberg is an American orthodox rabbi, known for critical thinking and reaching across denominational lines.  In 1977, writing about the Shoah (the...

Friday Night Services Video Blog

We've been doing this daily redemption blog for over a month now.  We hope the experience has been as gratifying for you as it...

Saturday Questionnaire

Justin Rosenberg is the man behind the camera at Beit T'Shuvah.  Every photo, every video, every piece of digital history that our congregation has...

Levinas: On Ritual and Justice

The great French Jewish philosopher and Talmudist Emmanuel Levinas, in his Difficult Freedom (pp. 176-177), taught about the power of Jewish ritual to inform...

Struggling to be Human and Holy

By Rabbi Mark Borovitz 10:00am - I have finished my last counseling session and I meet a new resident who is a compulsive gambler. We...

If Marijuana isn’t the Gateway Drug: What is?

By BTS Prevention Two weeks ago, I asserted in <a href="http://www.jewishjournal.com/addicted_to_redemption/item/110766 " target="_blank">my blog that marijuana is not the gateway drug.  So then, I must propose...


Simpler Horizons is a health insurance and Medicare supplement brokerage.  As such, we pride ourselves on being advocates for both our clients and the...

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Meet the 3 Jewish Candidates on Trump’s Supreme Court Justice Shortlists

He has 44 names total on his list of potential nominees.

Israel Has Nearly 7,000 Violations of National Lockdown Over Rosh Hashanah

Around 40 Israelis died during Rosh Hashanah.

Jewish Groups Mourn Ruth Bader Ginsburg

She was hailed as "a giant of American jurisprudence."

StandWithUs Calls for Discipline Against N.Y. Doctor Over Alleged Anti-Semitic Tweets

"His biases indicate an unfitness to practice medicine consistent with the standards set forth in New York law."

Mandy Patinkin Blows Shofar in TV Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Dying Wish

"I want her wish to be heard, so I will blow the shofar for her."

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