April 23, 2019


This light’s for Hanukkah... for a people who choose to begin our best of days with light. What special Jewish day doesn’t start with a flame?
Divine wisdom, Please show me how To breathe When the smell of hatred Is hot and dank against my cheek Blowing across the country From my
I am different I am unique I am Jewish People think of me as an outsider Because of my religion because of who I am
We are devastated, God, Our hearts are breaking In this time of shock and mourning. The loss is overwhelming. Send comfort and strength, God, 
It started last night when a fly flew at my face and I flinched. I feared. I forgot. 
To turn the page in a book All you need is one hand, A motion like a tiny rainbow.
Soon, they may ask you what you want to be when you grow up.
Sweet Smell of Sacrifice by Hannah Arin
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