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A Ritual to Remember

On Wednesday night, I watched CNN's Jake Tapper interview Sheryl Sandberg about her new book "Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy." Ms....

Deferred dream comes true for actress Nan Tepper

\"I had been a student, wife, mother, news executive and caregiver, but I had always promised myself that one day I would be an actor.\"

All pink, all the time

The doors, roof and the mailbox of the Pink Lady's Woodland Hills home are painted in a shade that might best be described as...

Geriatric love, (I.B.) Singer style

To Max\'s surprise and delight, the bereaved widow proves quite amorous, insisting, as do his other female companions, that a man is never too old for some active love-making

Memoir recalls educator’s hardships, success in Iran

Treating him like a rock star, the crowd mobbed 70-something Eshaghian, seeking an autograph or photo op during the May 20 launch party for his Persian-language memoir, \"A Follower of Culture.\"

Falling dollar hurts seniors in former Soviet Union

After his wife died, the worker still came but less often, until global economic pressure forced the JDC to scale back operations for the \"least needy\" in the former Soviet Union. Six months ago, Zheleznyak began having to fend for himself.

The emotional landmines of family caregiving

A painful situation for the primary caregiver occurs when another close relative does little or nothing to help, but they are adored and praised by the senior anyway.

One more time around

Finding love a second or third time is not always so effortless, but 52 percent of men and 43.5 percent of women remarried in 2004, according to a 2007 U.S. census bureau report. And Jews are no exception.

Shoah survivors ‘graduate’ from New Jew

New Community Jewish High School (NCJHS) awarded eight Holocaust survivors honorary high school diplomas last Wednesday night, symbolically handing them back a part of their adolescence that had been stolen by the war

AUDIO: Iranian American Jews — New mentoring program grooms tomorrow’s leaders

Young Iranian American Jewish professionals discuss their involvement with a new mentoring program for teenagers in the community.

H.O.P.E. for the bereaved, even years later

Four years after Shirley T.\'s husband died, the anniversary of his death was more painful than she could have anticipated. She spent the day before cooking the foods he loved and somehow navigated emotionally through the anniversary itself.

Femarelle drug treats menopause onset osteoporosis sans hormones

The connection between menopause and osteoporosis is well-documented. At the onset of menopause, following the decrease of estrogen in the body, the bone undergoes a yearly decline of bone mass density (BMD) of 2 percent to 3 percent a year in the first seven years following menopause. This leads to the development of osteoporosis, which affects 50 percent of postmenopausal women today.

Five ways to find your purpose after 50 or 60 or 70 or . . .

But how does one find a new mission at age 50 or 60 or 80? A growing array of books, courses, programs and now Web sites exist to provide suggestions, and many of them offer valuable detailed guidance, worksheets and resources. Working your way through them all can be a chore. Here are five tools.

Newest mah-jongg players ‘crak’ stereotypes. Bam!

Elaine Sandberg fits the mold of what you would expect to encounter when you consider someone who plays American mah-jongg. She\'s Jewish and just past retirement age.

Keeping the peace

In the 30 years that the author and his wife have been together, he has yet to be the target of a wielded tire iron, but says marriage to a political activist does require a certain flexibility of thought and dexterity of movement.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of beautiful language

For most of his 92 years, artist Sam Fink has been obsessed with the pursuit of freedom and the beauty of language. Even though he is a painter, he calls language \"the highest form of art, higher even than painting and music.\"

Cutting someone out of will can leave a legacy of pain

Steve Kaplan had just finished sitting shiva for his mother when he was dealt another blow: He had been written out of her will.

Senior Comfort: Israeli start-up pioneers pelvic organ prolapse technology

An Israeli treatment that could alleviate discomfort for a quarter of women over 60 years old is currently undergoing clinical trials. Pelvic organ prolapse is a weakening of the hammock of muscles in the pelvic floor, caused by childbirth or simply due to aging. Endogun, a young high-tech start-up in Israel has identified the need, pinpointed the problem, and is providing a solution.

Kirk Douglas packs 90 years of living into latest book

Kirk Douglas is not done yet, not by a long shot. Just out is his ninth book, \"Let\'s Face It: 90 Years of Living, Loving and Learning.\" It is a mix of reminiscences, anecdotes, tributes to Hollywood luminaries now faded or gone, a critique of America\'s present leadership and somber thoughts on the drug-induced suicide of Eric, the youngest of his four sons.

Israeli firms get Michael J. Fox Foundation grants

Two Israeli companies working on treatments for Parkinson\'s disease have been awarded grants by the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Ladies, grab your coat and get your Red Hat

The first fashion show by the Shayna Punims, a Red Hat Society chapter based at Jewish Home for the Aging\'s (JHA) Eisenberg Village campus, gave former models an excuse to come out of retirement and provided nervous novices an opportunity to shine among their peers.

Joe ‘Master Blaster’ Weider still going strong

Even at 86 years old, Joe Weider gives you the sense he might have once been one of those Olympians. As he approaches the head of the table inside this wood-paneled room, Weider appears dapper and powerful, his muscular torso still filling out the gray pinstriped suit he wears with a starched white shirt and red power tie.

My second childhood

It took eight decades, but at last I know what is meant by \"second childhood.\"

‘Undue influence’ is dangerous form of elder abuse

The elders in these scenarios do not have dementia. Most courts would find them competent. How then are they bamboozled into losing what has taken a lifetime to accumulate? These examples of financial abuse (a form of elder abuse) occurred because of an insidious process called undue influence.

Mud’s a dirty business but entrepreneur digs it

\"My goal is to be able to support the community I live in and support the organizations that are working to protect the Copper River.... It supports wildlife and a human food resource, and it\'s something that I want to see preserved for generations into the future,\" Padawer said.

Troubled teens turn to Teen Line and its Leader

Although the voice at the other end of the phone is always that of a young person, the driving force behind Teen Line is Elaine Leader, a 79-year-old great-grandmother with a British accent and a propensity for hats and oversized costume jewelry.

Can Israel’s alpha bubbe bring Mideast peace?

Galia Albin is one grandmother who isn\'t spending afternoons knitting booties, baking cookies or changing diapers. Instead, she\'s running to television studios for tapings, representing Israel at international business forums and wielding influence on Israeli policymakers. She is one of the country\'s powerful women, and her mission is to influence and empower other women throughout the world.

Educational programs help seniors fulfill postponed dreams

Regardless of age or physical condition, intellectually curious seniors have many opportunities in the Los Angeles area to participate in an educational program that fits their needs in an enriching, stimulating and affordable environment.

Meet Harry Schwartzbart — defender of the First Amendment

Harry Schwartzbart proselytizes as hard as any Christian clergyman in this country. He makes about 2,000 phone calls a year. He speaks two or three...

American-style retirement for Israel’s seniors

Although old-age homes have always existed in Israel for those who cannot care for themselves, it is only in recent years that the American idea of retiring to a comfortable community of seniors has taken off here.

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