Frozen blintzes are for cowards, so here’s how to make them from scratch

Don't get me wrong. I have at least four boxes of (Streit's?) cheese blintzes gathering a third layer of permafrost in my freezer right now. I bought them before...

Meant2Be: From war to wedding day

In late 1987, I sat on the cold steps outside of our home in Tehran and held a transistor radio tightly in my small, 5-year-old hands.

At Maccabi, forging Jewish identity between the baselines

When I was 10, my family got frum, and I started playing baseball. Oddly, the overlap wasn’t a coincidence: Our new rabbi added me to his Little League team and taught me how to throw; I broke in my first mitt — and a new peer group — playing catch with his son.

Coping with Loss in the Age of the Internet

When my mother, Shulamit E. Kustanowitz, died in May 2011, the in-person Jewish community provided all the basics — post-shivah meals, abundant hugs and...

Purim’s other woman: Vashti, the queen who kept her clothes on

When it comes to the story of Purim, Queen Esther has received lots of attention. All the little girls want to play her in...

Finally, Mexikosher Meat

A place where a man may inhale a carne asada taco (or three) without having to repent come October. Mexikosher 8832 West Pico Boulevard  ...

We Grew Up With Bibi’s, and Bibi’s Grew Up With Us

Something about being a claustrophobic high school upperclassman lent itself to my spending Saturday nights at Bibi’s Warmstone Bakery and Cafe back in my...

The Look: Shanghai Diamond Garden

I hadn’t been to Shanghai Diamond Garden in years. That’s because I’ve never been a fan of Chinese food, but their orange chicken always...

Food For Thought About The Nine Days

It happened recently that I was treated to quite poor service at a kosher restaurant on Pico Boulevard. I suppose a statement like that...

Presented Without Comment: Meshuga 4 Sushi Spider Roll

Meshuga 4 Sushi 8948 W. Pico Blvd.   Los Angeles, CA 90035     310-271-5050     <a href="http://www.meshuga4sushi.com " target="_blank">www.meshuga4sushi.com

Got Kosher? Yes…obviously…

The truth is, I knew that Got Kosher?, a wildly popular Shabbos takeout venture operating basically out of B’nai David Judea’s garage, had made...

What’s missing from the new Eilat Bakery?

I used to beg my mom to take us to Eilat Bakery on Friday afternoons, back when it was still nestled in the shadow...

From which seeps the essence of Jeff’s Gourmet

College is about learning how to fit in, or—if you’re talented enough—finding out you don’t have to. As someone who fails to make the...


Louis Keene is a senior at Washington University in St. Louis where he is majoring in American Culture Studies. When he is not eating,...

A Grade of W

Modern American presidencies do not end well.

Teens, fasting and fainting

Yael Rabin didn\'t feel any symptoms until it was too late, but if she had, she would have had Jewish law on her side in breaking her fast.

Wanna drink? Think again!

Recognizing alcohol\'s long-standing presence in Jewish custom, tradition and culture -- especially on Purim, when drinking is a mitzvah -- and hearing from some rabbis that it would be impossible to have shuls go completely dry, Aleinu has tried to work directly with the shuls and parents to take responsibility for their teens.

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