December 10, 2018

Six Signs You’re in a Muslim Migrant Berlin Neighborhood [Photo Essay]

The following photographs were taken in the Berlin borough of Neukölln, a growing outpost for Muslim migrants but which also has its parts for hipsters. Arabic speech/ signs, women in hijabs, and many more men were ubiquitous when I passed through. Here are the top signs you’re in a Muslim neighborhood in Germany; I know, because we have them in Israel.

6. Lots of kabob joints and a bakery named “Al Jazeera”:

5. Dark men walking in posses, the kind you don’t wanna mess with:

4. Signs for enrichment classes in Islam sponsored by Israel’s dearest “neighbors”:

3. Coffee shops for men only, where said posses smoke cigarettes and hookahs (their replacement for bars):

2. Window shopping for tacky, glittery wedding gowns and modest Muslim outfits:

1. Left-wing Jewish allies: