November 18, 2018

Spicy Black Cod Tacos [Recipe]

The innovation of these tacos were mothered by pure hunger.

I happened to have a fresh piece of black cod in the fridge, but besides that there was nothing to eat except for an old package of blue corn tortillas from a Mexican dinner party I had catered. In the near empty veggie drawer, I found some cilantro and a half eaten head of radicchio. (What, you may be thinking, is a cook/foodblogger doing with no food in the house? Ever heard of the shoe cobbler's kids?)

Without a jalapeno to give these tacos some kick, I went into my special Indian Spice drawer. I keep all my Indian spices tucked away because they have so much going on, when opened, it makes my house smell like a back alley of a Mumbai marketplace. It's not what you want to smell when you're looking for chocolate in your pantry, but when you need some spice inspiration, it is a treasure box.

The bright yellow tumeric I brought home from Delhi called out to me. The idea of adding this rich anti-oxidant to the black cod, which is already replete with brain-happy omegas, gave me a health-nut erection. Speaking of getting your blood to flow, the Indian chili powder can outdo any Mexican chili.

Let’s start saying, “NO” to mediocrity in the fish-taco department.  Who wants to eat batter-fried tilapia (bottom-feeders) with mayonnaise and salsa? Spend 20 dollars for a pound of juicy, succulent black cod and feed your family or friends deluxe, top of the line, un-fried, deee-licious fish tacos.


Makes 4 tacos


For the fish

For the Tacos