Jewish Journal

Visit Israel’s First Chocolate Museum

The only chocolate museum in Israel at Shulman Chocolate at Kibbutz Dafna joins other immigrants to the business of Israel’s shokolad. The Shulman family made aliyah from Belarus. Previous chocolate pioneers included Elite’s founding partners from Latvia in the 1930’s and Karina Chaplinsky of de Karina from Argentina in 2002. Paralleling the growth of the Jewish state, chocolate mirrors a heritage of determination and adaptability.

Yulia Shulman kindly showed us around encouraging us to sample treats as we read the small collection of wall labels. She explained that her husband, the chocolatier, selected Germany’s Lubeck couverture for products such as chocolate enrobed orange rinds, coffee beans, pretzels, and more.

Like other Israeli chocolate companies (Galita, de Karina, Ornat), Shulman offers hands on chocolate making experiences.

The explanatory labels and the varied confections bring a fuller chocolate experience to the north of Israel. Happily, chocolate thrives in the Israeli palate and psyche close to the Lebanese border.