January 21, 2019

Turning Waste into Cooking Gas, Livestreaming Emergencies and More – This Week from the Startup Nati

Tel Aviv Startup Seeks to Turn Pubs into Daytime Work Hubs

A new Tel Aviv-based startup seeks to transform bars usually shuttered during the day into vibrant working spaces. Pub Hub, which began operations Monday, rents out popular Tel Aviv pubs to those seeking a working space. Membership includes free coffee, Wi-Fi and office supplies. Memberships are offered on a monthly or bi-weekly basis and include the right to use any of Pub Hub’s multiple locations.

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New App Allows Volunteers to Target Traffic Violators

Israeli drivers can now channel their road rage into revenge – by landing the guy who illegally swerves into their lane with a ticket. In hopes of deterring Israeli drivers from committing traffic violations, the National Road Safety Authority is recruiting volunteers to help enforce traffic laws through a new app that continuously photographs the road from the windshield. The initiative, called Guardians of the Road – Social Change on the Roads, aims to “combat the phenomenon of roadside bullying through an advanced technical means for documenting life-endangering traffic violations, while creating a deterrence among drivers against committing these crimes,” according to the authority.

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Israel to Import Tomatoes from Turkey Amidst Shortage

The Ministry of Agriculture announced that Israel will be importing tomatoes without tariffs to mitigate the chances of a tomato shortage during the high holidays as a result of poor harvests. It should be noted that tomatoes from Turkey aren't cheap – between five to seven shekels a kilo. The price at the Israeli wholesale market for tomatoes is between five and a half to six shekels a kilo. The reason for the relatively high price of tomatoes at the wholesale markets is due to the shortage in locally produced tomatoes. This shortage was caused by a virus which cut tomato production in half.

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Reporty App Live-Streams Emergency Situations from Your Smartphone To First Responders

During an emergency, it’s not always easy to call 911 and explain the dire situation. Now, Israeli startup Reporty provides rescue teams with the precise location and real-time information from your smartphone, including live video. Reporty is a free app that facilitates the communication between people in emergency situations and public safety agencies, live-streaming video from your smartphone’s camera to the applicable authorities.