January 19, 2020

Essential Tips in Proper Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is one of the many methods to help people keep the roads safe without wasting time, money, and effort. This technique will help you navigate places and traffic situations easily as well as anticipate any mishap or accident.

It is important to anticipate an accident on the road when you own a car. You need to compare auto insurance rates and get the best one in order to give you the needed protection when an accident happens.

Top 7 Tips for Proper Driving


Every driver should know the rules of the road and respect other drivers. As a driver, you should follow these tips to prevent potential road accidents:

1. Respect everyone’s right of way.


Everyone deserves the right of way. It is best to yield if you spot a rushing vehicle rather than block its path. This will help you avoid any accident or potential arguments between the other drivers.

2. Always stay within the speed limit.


It is illegal to drive over the required speed limit because it poses risks of accidents. Though over speeding can help you reach your destination faster, it also increases your chance of getting into an accident. If you’re caught, you will also be required to pay an amount as your penalty.

Always remember that a fast-moving vehicle results in lesser reaction time for the driver and the brakes. Avoid going over the limit and choose a specific speed that will match the traffic flow you are in.

3. Be alert and pay attention to your surroundings.


A lot of car accidents happen because the driver ignores to pay attention to the surroundings. Avoid using your cell phone or playing loud music so that you will not be distracted while driving. It is also helpful if you stay in the lane where you have enough space to maneuver in case of danger.

It is also helpful if you familiarize yourself with your car’s blind spots. Always take extra precaution when changing lanes or moving towards the direction of the blind spot. Spare a few seconds checking the mirrors for a potential collision.

4. Always wear your seatbelt.


The seatbelt is a device designed to keep you safe. Strap yourself into the seatbelt of your car, so you can avoid getting serious injuries when getting in an accident. It also helps lessen movements while you’re on the road especially when you are on a bumpy track.

5. Drive only when you are in good condition.


Avoid hitting off the road when you are tired, stressed, distracted, or unwell. These conditions will affect your driving and can increase the chances of getting into a mishap. It is best to catch some hours of sleep before driving, especially if you are on a long road trip.

Final Thoughts


Reckless driving will not lead to anything but accidents. It is important to prioritize safety when you’re on the road. Reaching your destination in the safest way possible should be your ultimate goal.

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