May 24, 2019

A Moment in Time: We Should All Strive to Be Like….

Dear all,
I saw a t-shirt last week (pictured here) that made me smile.  We should all strive to be like these luminaries, right?   Well….
I am reminded of a Chassidic story about Reb Zusia who strove to be as great as the biblical ancestors.  One day he had a vision in which the angels asked him about his life.  But they didn’t ask:
“Why weren’t you like Moses, who led the people out of Egypt?”
“Why weren’t you like Joshua, who led the people into Israel?”
“Why weren’t you like King David, who unified the people?”
Instead, the angels asked:
“Why weren’t you like Zusia?”
While we may have great role models, heroes, and icons, it’s critical to remember that each soul is in the Divine image.  So I am committed to harnessing a moment in time each day to:
Dress like Zach.
Live like Zach.
Act like Zach.
Laugh like Zach.
With love and shalom,
Rabbi Zach Shapiro

A change in perspective can shift the focus of our day – and even our lives.  We have an opportunity to harness “a moment in time,” allowing our souls to be both grounded and lifted.  This blog shows how the simplest of daily experiences can become the most meaningful of life’s blessings.  All it takes is a moment in time.