January 18, 2020

Luxury Real Estate’s Aaron Kirman on the White Glove Approach to Luxury Real Estate


Real estate has always come naturally to Aaron Kirman. At 19, he sold his first house in the valley, a sale he described as “super weird”—the house was expensive for the neighborhood at the time. But, he recalls, “I remember that sales just felt so natural for me.”

This recollection makes sense after hearing Aaron talk about his affinity for homes, in addition to his salient interest in so many other different industries. He can sell ice to an eskimo, but residential luxury is where his heart lies.  “I always loved homes…I viewed homes as a way to strive for the bigger and better.”

The most expensive listing on the Aaron Kirman Partners website is going for $250,000,000, which without a doubt, is in the realm of the bigger and better that Aaron often alludes to.  When outlining the elements of his business that have enabled him to climb the rungs of the real estate ladder, he names a simple but meaningful strategy:

“We’ve built an amazing company based on hard work, knowledge, strategy and ethics…. Our core value is to treat people the way they deserve to be treated and do what we say we are going to do.”

Aaron complements this strategy with a confidence that is, in part, what makes him stand out in the luxury real estate market.

“When I meet sellers, I know I’m the right person to sell their house. I don’t worry about the sale. I try to figure out what is right for that client and I don’t mind telling people what they don’t want to hear.  I think of myself more as an educator and a teacher.”

Aaron’s approach to real estate involves more than just selling houses, and it ultimately stemmed from one of his toughest professional years.

“In 2012, I was having a tough year and becoming bored with what I was doing. I wondered if I was going to be happy [doing real estate] for 25 more years. The business was evolving, so I started studying how, and doing the things you see multi-national companies doing. Editorial, technology, social media, I realized were all important.”

He describes California, where Aaron Kirman Partners is based out of, as the center of the luxury real estate market, with incredible amounts of money coming out of China and East Asia as well as from national demographics that weren’t previously on the market for luxury homes. Understanding and accommodating all of these different markets has come from his big-picture approach to real estate success.

“A lot of my process is moving towards organizational structure. The deal comes from the right structure… I try to focus on gratitude as often as I can and give back to the community and the world. Our company believes in treating people as you would want to be treated and we eliminate the people who aren’t aligned with that philosophy.”

This thinking is wrapped up in what has colloquially become termed “the Aaron Kirman effect” and has paved the way for his company’s success within luxury real estate.

“The reason I consider myself a master salesman is because I understand people and where they are coming from… We are here to give back to the world and leave our mark in a good way. We want to know we are doing right by our clients and the community. One of my goals in life is to facilitate teamwork and build teams and work collaboratively with people.”

From staging a property to the final sale, Aaron Kirman Partners focuses on putting their customer’s needs first, ahead of all sales or commissions. Clearly, this method is working given their undeniable traction in the residential real estate market.

“It’s so fun to modernize an antiquated industry,” Aaron says. “We are trying to be as cutting-edge as possible, so we view ourselves as a marketing company in addition to a real estate company. Every day we study to see where we want to go. I believe this industry will change exponentially again in the future and we want to be the trend-setter.”

All praise for success aside, Aaron acknowledges that there is more than one way to be successful in the luxury real estate industry.

“I stay in my own lane. I watch what my competition is doing so I don’t fall behind, but everyone has a different practice.” And ultimately, it’s this authenticity that drives his team.

“I really take every moment and focus on trying to be my authentic self, and I notice the more authentic I am, the better I serve myself and my client.”

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