Picture of Michael Aushenker

Michael Aushenker

Portrait of a Survivor

Enter Bel Air Camera in Westwood and you\’ll find William Herskovic, owner of the popular photo supply outlet. While the story behind his store — a local fixture since 1957 — may be interesting, the story behind the man is absolutely jaw-dropping.

It’s Like … ‘No One You Know’

House pets eloquently dissecting their own primal instincts. Children verbalizing disillusionment in adultspeak. Patients and therapists locked in passive-aggressive combat. Welcome to the deadpan world of cartoonist Bruce Eric Kaplan.

‘Ferris’ Singer’s Day Off

When Spectator caught up with Monique Powell, lead singer of the pop sensation Save Ferris, she was wandering around Anaheim, tired, displaced and searching for food.

Serving Community and Continuity

When Herb Gelfand became president of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, he made Jewish continuity the top priority of his 1996-98 tenure.

New Israel Fund Honors Rabbi Susan Laemmle

Last week, Rabbi Richard Levy, executive director of the Los Angeles Hillel Council, introduced to the Central Conference of American Rabbis in Pittsburgh a new Reform movement manifesto. And according to Rabbi Susan Laemmle, that\’s not his only contribution to Reform. For without Rabbi Levy — her mentor and former superior — there may never have been a Rabbi Laemmle.

Will Friday Nights Ever Be the Same?

Call it the \”Phantom Menace\” of singles events. Since its debut one year ago, Sinai Temple\’s \”Friday Night Live\” programming has evolved into a 2,000-pound gorilla not to be trifled with.

A Note of Appreciation

Charles Feldman remembers Los Angeles as a city burgeoning with new synagogues but not a lot of innovative liturgical music at the time he began his career.


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