Picture of Michael Aushenker

Michael Aushenker

“He’s Hip!”

A few years ago, at the age of 24, Brooklyn-born Danny Hoch got the kind of phone call most struggling actors dream of. It was his agent, telling him that the people from \”Seinfeld\” had called: they wanted Hoch to get on a plane the next morning to tape a guest-starring role on the hit television series.

Cinema Judaica

In years past, the Sundance Film Festival — a two-week marathon of industry schmoozing, skiing and screenings in Park City, Utah — has served as the launching pad for Jewish independent cinema.

My JDate with Destiny

Originally, I was dead set against online dating. True, a colleague met his fiancée in a chat room. And a friend of mine swears by JDate, the online Jewish singles matchmaking service.

6505: Home for the Next Generation

For Federation executives and board members, 6505 Wilshire is more than just another building. It is a monument to years of memories; an edifice awash in nostalgic value.

The Circuit

If the multitude of Jewish events are any indication, the holidays hit hard this season. To paraphrase Adam Sandler\’s \”Chanukah Song,\” here\’s a list of organizations that are Jewish, just like you and me…


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