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Michael Aushenker

Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun Epidemic

The statistics are shocking. Last year, more than 1 million children carried a concealed pistol to school. In 1997, 32,436 people died because of firearm violence. And of that number, only 268 deaths could be categorized as \”justifiable homicides.\”

Making Reading a Star Attraction

In a corner of downtown Central Library\’s Children\’s Literature Department, actor Elliott Gould is reading \”Arthur\’s New Puppy.\”

Greenlighting the Future of Jewish L.A.

Lynne Sturt Weintraub had a problem. It involved what she prefers to call the \”chronologically gifted\” members of Temple Beth Zion, where she is co-president.

Coping on Two Continents

Since being diagnosed with diabetes in 1997, two developments have brought 14-year-old Cesar Chavira closer to leading a life like that of his Hollywood High peers: an insulin pump, which provides a continual dosage that lasts all day, and the Sponsorship for Adolescents with Diabetes, which has paired him up with a diabetic mentor.

Chabad 1999: Here, There and Everywhere

Backstage at Chabad Telethon \’99, Jon Voight was like the Beatles song — \”Here, There and Everywhere.\” One moment, the erstwhile \”Midnight Cowboy\” was huddling in a corner with a telethon point person, putting last-minute touches on a speech. Moments later, he was hovering around the extensive buffet, somewhere between the chili con carne and the roast brisket. Then the Academy Award winner was catching up with friends and obliging fans with autographs and photo opportunities.

The Let’s Do ‘Dinner Game’

Many American filmgoers still aren\’t familiar with Francis Veber. Yet they should be — they\’ve been watching his work for two decades. Sort of.

David Kalish: A Caring Voice

\”As a Jew, I felt an extreme amount of anger and outrage that Jews had been attacked,\” says Kalish, 46. \”I also felt frustration, as a police officer, that we knew the identity of the suspect, but we hadn\’t yet caught up with him. Yet I did feel a certain amount of optimism and relief that so many people had come together to address the issue.\”

When Tragedy Strikes…

For Lois Weinsaft, the Aug. 10 shooting spree at the North Valley Jewish Community Center (NVJCC) hit close to home.

To Live and Date in L.A.

Daisy Lawrence is worried about her friends.\n\”They\’re really nice Jewish people,\” says the twentysomething single, \”hard working, very bright, nice looking, ethical Jewish people — and they all have tremendous difficulty meeting other Jewish people.\”\n\nSo when the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles put together a Jewish Singles Task Force to study the dating habits of Los Angeles\’ Jewish singles, Lawrence got involved.\n\n

Long Overdue

Abigail Yasgur has a vision for the Jewish Community Library of Los Angeles.


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