Kylie Ora Lobell

Kylie Ora Lobell

Kylie Ora Lobell is a writer for the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, The Forward, Tablet Magazine, Aish, and Chabad.org and the author of the first children’s book for the children of Jewish converts, “Jewish Just Like You.”

What It’s Like to Be a Jew

Sometimes, it’s scary, difficult and tiring. But it is also simultaneously joyful, exciting and a great honor.

The Nova Survivors Dance Again

The Jewish community has been stepping up to support them in their time of need, most recently hosting them at Camp Ramah in Ojai for a weeklong, healing retreat.

Let’s Be Joyful

It may seem strange for me to urge you to be joyful now, but it’s necessary.

Finding the Holy in Hollywood

Animator, director and producer Saul Blinkoff shares Jewish values in his films as well as around the world as an inspirational speaker.


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