NYT: Most New York Jews Oppose Lower Manhattan Islamic Cultural Center

It certainly wasn’t the primary conclusion of the study published in the New York Times today, but it was there, deep in the 12th paragraph: When it comes to building the hotly contested Islamic Center near the former World Trade Center site, “Protestants are evenly divided, while most Catholic and Jewish New Yorkers oppose the center.”

The Times also found that the younger and wealthier and more familiar with Islam a person was, the more likely they were to support the center’s being built in the proposed location, two blocks from Ground Zero. (Read the entire article here.)

In other news, the New York Jewish Week found that some rabbis plan to devote part of their Rosh Hashana sermons to a discussion of the controversy surrounding the center, known as Park5—while others plan to conscientiously avoid the topic. (Read the entire article here.)