A Hollywood Purim spoof on ‘Wolfman’

Last week I blogged about a Purim sketch show in New York created by a bunch of Hollywood comedy writers known as The Shushan Channel.

Every year, this group of self-deprecating and comedic Jews uses the holiday as an excuse to poke fun at Jewish neuroses and gentile behaviors. The main event, of course, is a big bash thrown at the 92nd Street Y, so if you don’t live in New York, you can’t join in the fun. But for those of us who live on the West Coast, like one of its creators and former “Tonight Show” writer Rob Kutner, or even elsewhere in America, you can enjoy their annual video spoof, which circulates widely via youtube.

“Wolfman DDS” is about a Jewish dentist who is part werewolf and disturbs his family by eating uncooked meat and not paying taxes on time. It’s not quite as funny as last year’s “Meshugene Men”—a Jewish version of “Mad Men”—which could have won a youtube Oscar had such a thing existed. “Wolfman” is a valiant effort, but it doesn’t quite tap into the zeitgeist the way “Meshugene Men” did.

Watch it nonetheless and judge for yourself: