Top 10 reasons why Jews aren’t late-night TV hosts

As Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno, David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon fight over the late night airwaves, the question arises: Why aren’t Jewish comedians hosting these shows?

Here are our top ten reasons why.

10. Who would run the networks?

9.  Garry Shandling already did it better.

8.  It’s too difficult to find a family to sponsor the green room every day.

7.  Manischewitz can’t afford a 30-second TV spot.

6.  High Def cameras weren’t designed for curly hair schmendricks with glasses.

5.  What are we complaining about? We should be thankful we have The Daily Show.

4.  Most late night shows film during peak mincha hours.

3.  A Jew can’t have a different guest each night without first cooking a meal.

2.  It’s a Zionist plot.

1.  Let’s be honest, the world would rather watch a bunch of Conans and Lenos than Cohens and Levis.

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