Jon Gosselin may love Jews, but should they love him?

Jon Gosselin, the embattled reality star of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” has not only fallen in love with another woman; he’s fallen for Judaism.

For several months now, Gosselin has been dating Hailey Glassman, the 22-year-old daughter of his soon-to-be ex-wife’s tummy-tuck surgeon.

“Hailey is Jewish,” he tells about his new girlfriend. “Everyone in my life is Jewish now, my attorney. I love it. I’m now half Jewish and half Korean. The family values are great.”

And we should definitely trust the philandering father of eight to decide family values.

Gosselin and his wife Kate are currently undergoing contemptuous divorce proceedings. After they separated, Gosselin took up residence with Glassman’s parents and soon began cavorting around town with their daughter. By now, it appears Gosselin and Glassman spent the Jewish high holidays together.

I just went through Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur and learned about the new year and every Friday is the Shabbat dinner. I love challah bread. I’m learning about Jewish food, going to Zabar’s. I love that place. I’m learning about kosher and when not to order a bacon, egg and cheese and make an ass of myself. Hailey makes fun of me. My mom came to the city on Yom Kippur and asked where all the traffic was. I got from the West Side to Midtown in five minutes. She wants to come to the city every year on Yom Kippur.

Unfortunately, Gosselin will soon learn that there is never really a good time for bacon, eggs and cheese, although props for respecting Zabar’s. He also mentions to that he has been in touch with rabbi-to-the-stars Shmuley Boteach. Asked if he plans to convert to Judaism, Gosselin said:

I talked to Rabbi Shmuley a couple of times. He has nine kids. I was really nervous dating a Jewish girl. She’s like the best girl ever. All my friends are like ‘I’m so jealous’ and I’m like, ‘Stay away, she’s mine.’

What Gosselin doesn’t realize is that his friends are jealous not because his girlfriend is Jewish, but because her father is a plastic surgeon.

Later this year, Gosselin says he plans to celebrate Chanukah. Bacon latke, anyone?