Amy Winehouse Terrorizes First Class Cabin

UPDATE:Jewish chanteuse Amy Winehouse found dead at 27

The drug-riddled, alcoholic and exceptionally talented singer Amy Winehouse entertained a flight full of London-bound passengers with her characteristic craziness.

Poor Ms. Winehouse can’t seem to get herself together.

According to her New Year’s resolution, she was supposed to use her vacation time in St. Lucia to sober up and get healthy. (Rehab, as we’ve come to realize, is a no, no, no.) Yet, instead of having some Madonna-esque, Kabbalistic revelation that might reorder her life, she seems destined to inhabit the modern-day, female equivalent of the destructive rock band-syndrome that reigned in the 60s and 70s. At least then, it was completely normal to obliterate your brains, trash hotel rooms and still, preserve your fandom by giving your all on stage. Today, Winehouse just looks like what she is—another mind-blowing talent who blows her own mind; sadly, literally. 

From the Huff Post:

After spending months in St. Lucia, Amy Winehouse has decided to return home, and those lucky enough to be on her flight back to London were treated to vintage, crazy Winehouse antics. According to The Daily Mail, the ‘Back to Black’ singer used the airplane’s first class cabin as her own personal party space.

“I was pretty shocked to look up and see Amy Winehouse hurtling through the plane and shouting. It’s just not what you expect,” a source reveals.

“She had clearly been drinking and kept running between the different classes, which just isn’t what people do on planes,” the same source adds.