The Coen Brothers’ New Vid: ‘No Such Thing as Clean Coal’

In direct to defiance to new power in Washington that insists on the development of “clean coal,” The Coen brothers directed a 30 second ad-spot that denies that possibility.

The commercial is sponsored by The Reality Coalition, a group of five environmental organizations that say, “There is no such thing as clean coal.” 

Now, Hollywood and Washington have always had a unique relationship (sometimes harmonious, sometimes volatile), and therefore political activism and commentary is very much in character for industry leaders. But with Obama representing “liberal,” “democratic” and “just” vales—the putative values of Hollywood—it’s a surprise his good intentions are being called out. And that’s the point the Coens are trying to make (sardonically, of course): good intentions are just not good enough. Realism must take precedent over idealism.